Macron turns on Bolsonaro

  • With Bolsonaro and his ministers hurling insults at President Macron and his wife Brigitte, with words like opportunistic cretin and no wonder Macron is jealous of Bolsonaro because he has a 35 year old wife, not a 65 year old like Brigitte. Not to mention that Bolsonaro wouldn't receive the French charge d'affaires because he had a hair appointment and also that France were Waffen SS supporters. etc etc etc.

    Macron hit back saying that Brasil deserved a president who could behave himself, but he stopped short of actually stooping the level of the Brazilian president.

    This is truly the kind of behaviour we have now become all too familiar with nowadays from some world leaders.

    I fear that Bolsonaro will not be keeping his mouth shut for the remainder of his presidency.

  • If the politics of personal insult and name calling is acceptable when delivered by the head of a large and formerly respectable country like the US, why should anyone else behave in a diplomatic fashion?

    Diplomacy has devolved to a deplorable state. I give President Macron full marks for keeping order in the kindergarten this week.

  • The Amazon inferno is absolutely sickening. Of course the WORLD knows that Bolsonaro is responsible, but he has learned to lash out at everyone else.

    And btw, the G7 leaders have pledged a pathetic pittance to help fight the fires.

  • In very short time, very few years, we will not hear a word about Macron....the guy is a one day fly......he will dissapear and move on......France is deeply fucked financial and countrywise.....he will not be able do anything to change it....he is a big charlatan, but very easy to look through!!!!

    What happened to the last one???? And already forgotten the name, so have rest of the world...ahhh zarcozy...married to Carlos Bruni, Italian model and singer......buuuuuullshitters both, sorry!!!