VMware on a Linux Host

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  • Download the VMware Player for Linux.argentinaexpats.org/index.php?attachment/1208/

    My downloads go into my Downloads Folder. Check to see if the VMware Player Bundle is their.argentinaexpats.org/index.php?attachment/1209/

    Open terminal and type " cd Downloads " to change the directory.

    After in ~/Downloads $ type " ls " to list contents

    You should now see the VMware Player Bundle download

    While at the ~/Downloads $ type " sudo sh


    or whatever the newest VMware version might be. I usually type the sudo sh and copy and paste the bundle file

    Hit enter and the install should begin, answer a couple of ? and VMware Player should install to your Linux OS.

    sudo is for elevated privileges and sh opens the script file.

    The Player is free for non-commercial use

    Now I will buid me a XP virtual machine, or maybe a W10 virtual machine.

  • The problem with virtual machines is that you can't play games on them. Okay, maybe Solitaire but not native 3D games. For that, you would need a full install of Linux and then use Wine.

    Probably will never do a Windows virtual machine but I will probably do some Linux Distros that I think I might like. I have XP, W7 and W10 installed on different drives and Mint 18.3 installed on a 120GB SSD. Just thought I would use Linux to boot my PC , and play with it for awhile, I can still boot into Windows with the Grub boot loader. I installed the VMware Player because I prefer it over Virtualbox for virtual machines.