Only in America?

  • I read that yesterday and wondered what the gimmick was, because it is so absurd.

    It seems they are brown nosing the president, who, to placate the National Rifle Association, is insisting that the causes of these mass shootings are mental health issues and violent video games, not haters who are armed to the teeth.

    Anyway, Walmart is essentially admitting that this is a stunt because they admit the video games are being removed from the shelves only temporarily.

  • This is all BS, and after every incident like this blame is always put on something else. Each individual is responsible for their own action, plain and simple. For every action their is a reaction, point a gun at someone and pull the trigger and someone or something will usually get hurt. If I were one of the victims or victims family member, yes, I would have questions and want answers but I am afraid the answers might not be what I want to hear.

  • I think there’s something be learned from the fact that violent video games are in every country of the free world, yet only in America is anyone shooting up shopping malls, schools, theatres, churches, concert venues, nightclubs, bars.

    Video games to blame? No.

  • I would still go as the chances of it happening are still slim, although obviously reducing by the day. It's like not wanting to visit London in case you get stabbed. I can't be put off by things like this, unless it's tipping up somewhere like Mosul for vacation during the Iraq war.

  • What a stupidity.....sorry!!!!!

    I remember back in time I did some research in numbers of casualties from gun incidents......of course real numbers, so in relation to population........came out that many other countries are very close, Europe because of terror attacks, and South America because of drug crimes etc.

    Of course school shootings are more often in USA, but gun related casualties as a whole are not that much higher than other places. Actually I remember Argentina was basically 1:1 with USA

    (Again, remember: fatal gun casualties!!!)


    I just checked Wikipedia to get the numbers.....though I remember back in time, I found out some was included, some not and so on.......can't remember how it was exactly determined......also can't remember if terror attacks was included, (with guns).......though I remember u needed to look at them a little more deep to get the number that we would like to know: are we more likely to get shot in USA than f.ex Holland or Argentina......and that number was not totally different. (Also suicide plays a big role).

  • Last week Uruguay and Venezuela issued travel warnings to their people, against travel itineraries the US.

    Because of the revolting tweet storms and spoken words designed to bring out latent racism and xenophobia from the dark corners where it lurks, people with brown skin are now being targeted by white supremacists. Who would want to go to the US while these haters are being given tacit approval to act on their now-burgeoning hatred? The odds of being killed may be small, but who needs it?

  • Venezuela giving warnings against traveling to USA???? Hahahaha

    Would prefer to take the risk going to USA rather than going to Venezuela!!!

    I bet my pants that the risk as gringo to get killed there is pretty high!!!!