Android phones

  • No sooner had I bought a Galaxy Note 8 (OK , that was last year) then the Note 9 came out and now we have the Note 10 which packs more power than many people's computers.

    The Note 10+ uses an octacore 2.73 Ghz CPU, 12Gb of memory, 512Gb of internal storage which can be expanded to 1Tb by using an SD card. It also packs a 6.8" super amoled FHD screen and of course the SPen.

    It's rather expensive though at around £1200, so I'll be waiting until it's been around for a couple of years.

  • I bought the Galaxy S10 earlier this year. The Note 10 looks amazing. I am not a power user these days so honestly base a big portion of my smartphone purchasing on looks. It's the nature of the smartphone world where you're on a never-ending chase if you always want the latest and greatest. Apple and Samsung (the former more than the latter) absolutley rely on those consumers who must upgrade every year or two.

    Luckily I don't and will keep my device for years. Each year I am tempted by the new flagships though. With this Note 10 I am seriously tempted to buy it for my wife, who does tend to move from flagship to flagship (she is on the iPhone X at the moment and is itching to change it).

  • In the real world, I'd probably move to either the Note 9 or the S10+ when prices begin to tumble. I recall buying the Note 8 for less than £500 last year (new price around £950)

    Having said that, the Note 8 performs flawlessly for me with 6gb of RAM, the Exynos CPU, 64Gb internal and a 64Gb SD card. Also, a rugged Spigen Tough armour case takes care of those little accidents.

    For me one of the biggest advantages of most Android phones over Apple is the storage expansion.