For winelovers!!!!

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  • For all the winelovers out there, including myself, two big wine events taking place in September....

    Wine (la noche de las bodegas)

    And more

    Wine (vinos al río, Nordelta)

    I was at the vinos al río evento here in TIGRE last months, spectacular event......50 wineries, some 300 wines in total to test.....

    Even for a poor expat 700-800 pesos is a good investment....(better book an uber):D

    All the wine testing is included, only food is on top!!!!! I used first one hour to test all the wines, and the rest of the eve to get a second opinion on my first thoughts.....

    Was nice people, grownup, say '40, so not the typical bar crowd of 18 years old.

    I had a great Eve and meat a lot interesting people that I normally just say hello to on the street.

    Be there or be square!!!!


  • Spring Night in Nordelta sounds festive, and I have to say that similar events in the US would cost US$100-$150 per person. We can’t go because we’ll just be traveling back that weekend, but I’ll look for a detailed report from you, JAN!

  • Rice ....

    Yea, it's dirtcheap......

    When I went last month to the vinos al río here in TIGRE, I was sure it would be entrance fee only, the 800 pesos, and afterwards you would need to pay for each test......but no! There is a God! Hahahaha.

    Was really great event, at the end all the winery guys were pretty loaded it was really a very nice one!

    For sure there will be more to's promotion events obviously...the wineries look for business.....but you didn't have that feeling!

  • We know people who use all their vacation days going to wine festivals all over the US. They usually last 3 days and cost anywhere from $1k to $3k. Crazy expensive, but they are always sellouts. There’s one in Sarasota FL, I believe, that sells all their tickets the day online sales open.