Fast food delivery services (Apps) shutdown in the city of BA

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  • Delivery services such as Glovo, Rappi and Pedidos Ya have been shut down by a judge in the city of Buenos Aires (CABA) for not complying with local legislation.

    Apparently the companies that run these apps are not providing the correct equipment, many of the bicycle and motorbike riders don't wear helmets and most don't have adequate insurance.

    The judge also ordered that banks and credit card companies block payments and it was also reported that the apps themselves should be blocked in the City, but how that would be policed is anyone's guess.

    The city police are now stopping those that flout the ban, with their equipment being confiscated. Mayor Larreta says it's a political move by judge Gallardo and he has left thousands of delivery workers without jobs.

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    I would guess larretas comment is spot on!!!

  • So not only are the authorities targeting motorcyclists with the quite ridiculous reflective vests and bike registration number required to be stamped all over the place, but now they are going after poorly paid workers trying to scrape a living in a basket case economy.

    Logic and empathy are clearly not mutually exclusive to working and living in Argentina.


  • I wonder where Judge Gallardo was just a couple of years ago, before the delivery services, when each restaurant had its own delivery staff, and the preferred method of transport was the skateboard, with un-helmeted, un-reflective vested riders weaving in and out among cars driving at high speed? Maybe Pedidos Ya and the other delivery companies aren't paying off the right people.

  • The stupidest thing about the law is that it probably won't stop these companies operating here. Uber has been banned in so many places (including here) and continued its operations. While I know these fast food delivery companies are slightly different I just don't see any law being enforced unless the major restaruant chains decide their hands are tied and they must side with the law. I suspect it will be business as usual for these apps regardless.

    People choose to work for these companies, they are not forced. I think on the other forum someone said people working for Rappi earn around 30,000 pesos a month. Sure, it's not great but it also better than many other job roles here considering there's nothing stopping these people holding other jobs as well. If I was a student here, for example, I would be all over this.

  • I remember starting delivering newspapers at the age of 13, in Denmark....... bicycle around 4 o'clock with a ton of heavy one in the western world consider it slavery or neither....we loved it, (of course the money too :P)!!!!! So please give me a break......

  • In the US, 13 year olds who have newspaper routes are considered the lucky - and rich - kids, because it is one of the few jobs that minors can legally have, and ANY income for a kid that age is 'way better than NO income, or handouts from parents.

    But the delivery people I see working for Rappi etc are high school or university age, sometimes older. I assume they have to provide their own bikes? And that there are no benefits (hit by a car? on their own?). So they aren't headed for a yacht on the Riviera.

  • Nope, but the alternative is MUCH worse!!!! These are mainly venezulanos trying to t think they have high expectations!!!!

  • Its incredible that something allowed widely in first world countries, can be illegal or slavery in third world countries........I would like to hear the argumentation how it can be a strict country like Germany f.ex. can allow it, and Argentina not! (Or probably I don't wanna hear it, and if I want I just listen to blahblahhhh_0 arguments, then I'm done).

    At the end I think all grownup on the board knows why it's not allowed here!!!!