Do loud pipes save lives?

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  • Yesterday we were filling up the car at a gas station where half a dozen bikers riding together were seeking refuge from the storm. When the rain stopped, they started up their motorcycles and deafened everyone with their (seemingly gratuitous?) signature loud


    Splinter, can you please enlighten us as to the point of that ear-splitting noise? This isn't something done by motorbike riders like you, but the people who ride those enormous hogs. They love to wax eloquent about the joys of riding through the countryside and enjoying the silence. Yet given the chance to anger non-riders, they seem to love to make as much obnoxious noise as possible.

  • Being accused of hijacking threads earlier.....please elaborate on what this has to do with the election!!!!!:D

  • LOL. Good point, JAN .

    Splinter , the Loud Pipes Save Lives argument doesn't apply when the riders are revving up at a gas station, still sitting on their bikes going nowhere. I have to agree with UK Man on this one.

  • Harley is one of the biggest made up marketing brands of today!!!

    In Germany you called it a midaged dentist or medical motorbike.....simply because it's so expensive that only well off midaged doctors and so on can buy it!

    They are selling the American dream ...just cruising through the desert as a lonely cowboy!!!!

    Here it's a little the same clientele that rides the Harley's.....well off San isidro professionals or rich kids.....

    The Harley's are so out of reach for normal people.

    Beside that, a real commuter bike look would much rather ride a Enduro like the KTM , Ducati or BMW here.....much more suited!

    Personal, the sound of a Japanese rice a Suzuki Hayabusa or cbr1000, turns me much more on.....but ok, it's personal taste! BTW, a Sportbike like that would be even a worse choice than the Harley here in Buenos Aires.....just a small pothole and your are doomed.....beside that, going more than 120-140 on the highway here is suicide!!!

    Personal I enjoy riding my Italian/Austrian dirt bike through the riding always find a way.....

  • Another thing is that Harley riders never wave back, they're so snobbish. They think they're above the rest of us, but don't realise that biking is a 'brotherhood' - a term that I find as little pretentious, but it does sum up the community spirit, no matter what you ride.

    My bike is solid, reliable, very basic- which makes it easier to service myself - and emits a pleasant, low rumble. I'd have a hard job deciding what to get after this bike, to be honest. It's 350cc, but there are times when I'd like a 650cc for that extra oomph!

  • Splinter

    Hahahaha.....yes they are so much into themselves....they are the ones that would drive with a selfie stick on the handlebar...... hahahaha, such payasas, sorry!!!!