Interesting blogs on South America

  • I've been following Southern Cone Travel on Facebook for some time now and his most recent blog post is about a trip to the Falkland Islands made by Sebastian Modak which makes for some fascinating reading.

    By the way, I have a feeling that Wayne Bernhardson - the blogger - is in fact a well known ex-poster from asnother BA expat forum, known as Ajoknoblauch, although I may be wrong.

  • Can't be sure, but he's he's quite prolific and a seasoned traveller.


    With over 30 years living and traveling in Latin America, I write guidebooks to the "Southern Cone" countries - so called because of their shape on the map - of Chile and Argentina. I'm especially interested in the remote, scenic Patagonian region overlapping the two countries. I'm sole author of Moon Handbooks to Chile & Easter Island and to Patagonia, including the Falkland Islands. I've also authored the National Geographic Traveler guide to Argentina, and DK Eyewitness Guides to Argentina and Chile. I have a PhD in Geography from the University of California, Berkeley, and have done research in Peru, Chile, Argentina and the Falklands, where I spent a year as a Fulbright-Hays scholar. My home base is Oakland, California, but I spend five months a year in South America. I often stay in Buenos Aires, where my Argentine wife and I have an apartment in the barrio of Palermo. I speak fluent Spanish, less fluent German, serviceable Portuguese and desperation French.

  • OK, I’ve just spent an hour reading some of his posts, which are enjoyable and descriptive. He’s a decent writer, without a trace of the anger I remember from some of his exchanges with adversaries on the other forum.

    The dog in the bio picture could be his former wolf-like avatar.

    I hope he will write more from Buenos Aires.