Exposición Rural July 24 - August 8 2019

  • The largest fair of farm animals of Argentina is here! An impressive 120.000 squared meters (that's 29 acres!)

    Every day from 9AM to 8PM at La Rural fair (Plaza Italia)

    Even if you don't work in this industry, you can enjoy it as a visitors and buy cheeses and cured meat products.

    There are beauty contests, bidding on animals, produces for sale and also equipment (if you are into horse riding).


    General :

    Lunes a Viernes: $180 Sabados y Domingos: $250

    Jubilados :

    Ingresan sin cargo Lunes y Martes presentando certificado correspondiente.
    Miercoles, Jueves y Viernes $125

    For a full range of prices and the event program: http://www.exposicionrural.com.ar/


  • Great event!!! Been there every year last 5 years!!! (During week!).

    For children and for grown ups, great event.....maybe it's because the people from the Campo is soooo different than the porteños, so friendly, happy and pleasant to be around!

    If u have never been there, u need to go!!!!

    But, during week......I have seen in the news how it looks in the weekend.....not for me!!!!

  • We went there the first year we moved here. It was amazing!
    I heard this year they didn’t allow swines because of a swine flu or something.

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  • Just came back from rural, great like always! But just a tip if you wanna go: BE EARLY!!!!! when we left at 11.45, there was hours of waiting to enter parking and some 500 meter line to buy ticket!!!

    I was there at 9, and already at 10 it start to get crampy.....and that on a Tuesday!!!!

    We were disappointed there there was no "chasing the veganos by horse" show today !!!^^

  • I guess it was crowded because it is winter break and people take kids there.
    Was it as big as usual?

    How was the food and art craft section?

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  • Was great, but loaded......even that early..... basically I was there when it open.....at 11.30 I could not enjoy more.....to crowded!

    I think it would be a tick smaller this year, not so many food and drinks as last year....but still a lot. Art craft I didn't really see! Last year they had a few beer stand s with artesanal, this year only industrial, Kunstmann, imperial, Patagonia.....a pity....would be a great place to hang out and take a break over a beer....

  • Atmosphere is everything in a pub, isn’t it!

    yea , would be nice place to get drunk..... riding the horses n bulls.....:)

    Though it is a familiar event......but hey, dad is easier going with a few pints.....