Penthouse Apartment for rent PALERMO

  • Dear members.....

    I have an exclusive penthouse apartment for rent in PALERMO Soho.

    It's mainly considered for expats on a contract here in Buenos it has been rented last many years.

    The apartment is a loft apartment, split-level, around 75m2 and 30m2 terrace, located on 29th and 30th floor in one of the high category towers in PALERMO.

  • Rice ...

    Yes it is a great location and a great apartment....but it's directed towards expats on a contract here mainly, because of price. That was also how it was rented last 10 years. It's a tricky market....the right tenants don't care about price, but this segment of the market is very special.

    If you know some interested people they are welcome to visit and check it out in person.

  • Our current place was also rented to some diplomatic at a certain point, but it was through an agency. Would you be open to this option?
    We are in term with the agency manager - he specializes in short term rentals for tourists and expats.

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  • serafina .......

    Yes thats what I'm looking for, expat on a contract with an argi it was rented out most of the time.

    Never had locals for rent since it's to pricy for them or they prefer Puerto Madero.


    I'm not renting it out short term until a new prospect comes the good rental season is coming, so right now it's more profitable to rent short-term.

    Anyway if you have anyone looking to rent, let me know please!

  • I can introduce you to our former property manager, maybe you can arrange something with him.

    Previously, he took care of both advertising and management for our unit because the former owners lived in US. Then we bought the place and I took care of advertising (ahem...) and he took care of management since we lived out in the province and did not have a car.

    One online venue for high income renters was Home away. It is very popular in the US and our unit also found longer renters there (for example2-3 months, as opposed to the few days of a Airbnb clients).

  • serafina ........thanks, that would be great!

    Anyway I would like to wait a few days/week more, because I have two interested lead prospects that say they would like to rent it....... Anyway nothing is sure before contract is signed and money paid!!!!

  • serafina .....

    Looks like will accept your offer anyway......

    The one expat that I had lined up and closed deal with to 99%, got stalled......

    Mainly because the company behind the tenant, wanted to pay in pesos, a dollar amount fixed, but to official rate. That can in seconds end up being fatal.....

    Exactly nowadays, there is no way to accept pesos or dollar amount converted to pesos....if the next government wanna be nasty, they could just fix all old USD amounts to peso, and make a new peso or whatever........ everything possible here.

    So, I would be delighted if you could introduce me, (or my real estate guy), to your contact!!!!!!

  • ..... serafina .....

    How I see ur mail????

    I don't see anything here in the system....

    U sent via email????


    Edit!!! I got mail thanks!!!!

    Please disregard this message above....

  • UK Man

    Not that easy.....

    Market very flat, no activity, either up or down......and impossible to tell what comes......

    During the kk years actually real estate was a good deal......all the kkoruptos needed high end apartments hahaha. ..

    I'm not convinced that market will totally crash...... though it might go slower and fall a little.

    I'm also so fortunate that I bought long time ago, so it has gone up a lot in even if it falls a little I'm ok!

    Beside that.....taking money back to Europe, for what?

    Germany has totally overheated real estate......and beside that u pay money to have money in the bank there now!!!!

  • Rice


    U have negative interests now!!!!

    Not trolling!

    UK Man

    Yep true, it wears u out here.....

    But really....I can't go back, way to complicated daughter, house, work etc.! Not an option......unless it gets to Venezuela levels!

  • Lately, i am not in good terms with Argentina and I complain a lot. I’d like to make an investment and relax a little (a little like @JAN did), but I am not going to invest in Argentina for various reasons (rents aren’t high and as @JAN said, if they are in pesos they can drop considerably overnight, plus capital control that would mean you might lose further money to exchange them/wire them out of the country).

    But having properties overseas is a pain, because of distance and because if you ever need to travel there, there goes your rent!

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