Saving boat refugees

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  • This is showing how some north African refugees are saved......

    This definitely has Argentinian level of boludeces....

    I know I'm touching a delicate issue.....but come on ....can u deliberately put people in danger on open see and afterwards claim to save them? (A few kilometers from shore and then bringing them 400 km to other side of canal).

    I already see myself in the news:

    "Heroic Danish/German god saves thousands of lives from a huge terror attack!!!" :S

  • I don't see your connection with so-called Argentine 'boludeces' whatsoever, because this example is tantamount to a death sentence for those poor immigrants.

    Can you deliberately put 81 desperate people in the middle of the sea? These people can, when they've received payment, because they simply don't care and never claim to save them at all.

  • Splinter ....

    Are u trolling me???? :/

    Let's take it from start:

    The big rescue boat, picks up the refugees on shore, with the shitty rubber boat on a line.....a few kilometers from shore, (north African), they are put in the small rubber boat and rescue ship leaves.......shortly after, rescue ship returns and rescue them.....after that the rescue boat brings them 400 km to the other side of canal, to claim they saved them on open see!!!!!

    U don't see anything wrong in that????

    U also don't see that it's tangible to Argentinian boludeces???

    Come on....

    The German woman Rackete, who was just captured few weeks ago, a great example. BTW, same woman have criminals charges and hole family of her the same!!!!

    These people being celebrated by ignorant left-wing fools.....

    In fact they nothing but criminal masterminds.....a pity that Italy did not punish them seriously!!!!

  • Nowhere in that video does it say that the fishing trawler dumped the people in a small boat and then returned to 'rescue' them.


    Frontex kept observing the boat for several hours, and all of a sudden people started to emerge from below the deck. A people smuggler jumped on the smaller boat encouraging a group of migrants to follow him. When all 81 migrants boarded the smaller boat, the mother ship was detached and started sailing south while the small boat started going towards the Italian island of Lampedusa. This was a clear example of a “mother boat” used by criminals to carry a large group of migrants across the sea towards their destination before unloading them onto a smaller boat. A Frontex plane and drone kept observing the fishing trawler and the boat with migrants over several hours, alerting Italian and Maltese authorities, as well as EUNAVFOR Med. The Italian National Coordination Centre initiated a complex operation that involved Italian Guardia di Finanza and Guardia Costiera. They caught up with the bigger vessel and arrested the suspected people smugglers. The Italian authorities arrested seven suspected smugglers and seized the fishing

  • Ok, so one question:

    How is the rescue missions sponsored?????

    From a money 🌲????

    It's a hole operation, with several different parties involved!

    Second question: if u r in serious nautical trouble, a few km from one shore and around 400 km to other shore, which one u opt for?????

    It's so obvious that we a witnessing human trafficking under the cover of humanitarian flags!!!

    I think it's a tremendous action this rescue team accomplish, I just still need to understand the emergency to transport them across the canal , 400 km....

    It just don't seem logical to me!!!!!

    (Unless you have a financial interest).

    If I find a hidden gun in the bushes from parque lezama, do I bring it to the police station in Mar del Plata???


  • Splinter ....

    All the rescue operations are on the shore to North Africa basically, but in international waters!!!!! Nevertheless hundred of kilometers far from where "rescue boats", (human traffickers) dump them!!!!

    My remark Argentinian boludeces was only to put in relation to my own words "what happens in Argentina doesn't happen anywhere else".......but it seems like there is stuff that happens in Europe on same incredible Simpsons like level....

    "I did not know I was only 4 km from shore, so I sailed 400 km the other direction" .....

  • Your point is taken Jan and yes, sailing in the opposite direction only makes sense when the objective is financial. That's obvious.

    But this "This definitely has Argentinian level of boludeces...." is insulting to Argentines and implies that they would even be involved in something so awful.

    Also, why highlight the fact that the so-called rescue boats sail in the opposite direction to the nearest shore, when it's obvious to everyone why they don't?

  • Its Argentine level, sorry!!!!

    To "save people in nautical emergency" does that include this???

    It's taking the law in own hands, it's human trafficking , it's illegal and it's wrong!!!! Nothing more nothing less!!!

    And on top a big business!!!

    Again, please explain me who finance this? Who pays? Who is sincerely interested in doing this? It's smells......

    The people behind should be held responsible, financial!!!

    Don't play with other people's money!!!

  • Splinter .....

    My reason why mentioning Argentina in this, is, because it's done in the same way as our old queen here......building hospitals in the middle of nowhere, giving out a lot of planes to help poor people, cunito story and and can that be bad??? It was in the name of humanity, so it can't be bad!!!! Ups forgot to mention a few billion slipped under the carpet.....

    It's same strategy that is used in this human trafficking can anybody be commiting a crime by saving life's???? Impossible or????.....

    But again, it's a hole organization, a business, and the rescuers are deeply involved, quite obviously!!!!

    So, that's why I used the Argentina comparison....because here u can get away with stashing 9 million dollars dirty money at a monestary at night under the claim that you where spending it for the monestary!!!....

    Sorry I don't buy it!!!!