:) I'm looking for more YouTube subscribers for my channel.

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  • A couple of years ago YouTube set a minimum of 1000 subscribers for a channel creator to earn anything from their videos, which put many of us out in the cold, even thpough I've had a YouTube channel since 2007.

    Apparently they blamed the need for this on bad actors or fake YouTube accounts. Anyway, I'd be most grateful if our members here could subscribe to my channel by hitting the big red button as per the picture below, when following the link.

    It doesn't cost anything and you may end up quite liking some of my racing and lifestyle videos.

    A big thanks to all of you!


  • Just subscribed. I have a channel which was my contribution to the You Tube pipe smokers club. However, after seeing myself stuttering drivel in front of the camera I realised my talents lay elsewhere. ^^