Messi sent off in Copa America

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  • Football is the dumbest sport ever!


    Rugby is a thug’s game played by gentlemen and football is a gentleman’s game played by thugs

  • The hole VAR thing is an absolute's actually now more unfair and corrupted than before!!!! And why? Simply because the referee has the final word....which means he can to his discretion decide to consult with VAR, ,to look for errors or faults, or decide not to!!! Today was such an example....Messi's attitude was in no way worth a red card!!!

    Earlier in the copa, Brazil was taken away 3 goals, with the help of VAR.....

    The hole Copa América has a dirty smell if u ask me!

  •'s like this: if u wanna help a team, u decide to check for a minor offense, or u just decide NOT to consult with VAR, to detect the minor/huge all in all we are back where we started!!!! In this copa, It was very obviously misused!!!! Somebody put a huge stack of money in play....!!! The first obviously shady decission was how Venezuela was favoured extremely, (7 goals cancelled against Venezuela).......the intent was probably to pass Venezuela through to make it a light prey later in tournament.

  • The VAR is only used to favour Brazil

    Messi was right . Conmebol is totally corrupt.

    Yea, I believe too....but funny enough it wasn't used in favor of Brazil against Venezuela.....that's what then again doesn't make any sense in this conspiracy theory....!!! I miss somebody educated and knowledgeable person with more insight to explain this....banjo_zero???? :D