Caminos y Sabores 2019

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  • Caminos y Sabores is an annual fair where small producers from all over Argentina showcase and sell their produces.

    Most booths sell mate, beer, oil, wine, dulce de leche, cured meats, jams and marmalades, cheeses, honey. Some sell spices, algaes from Patagonia, cured fish, artcrafts, Andean food such as arrope de tuna (marmalade made with Indian fig), quesillo (a strip of bland, thready cheese from the North), salt, soaps, etc.

    We buy oil for all year (a lot cheaper than supermarkets), tons of mate (about one third the normal price), marmalades, spices and odd food you rarely come across.

    There is also a small part of the exhibition selling non-food goods, such as leather products, woolen ones, etc.

    Tickets are a staggering $200 per person this year, but it is a strategy to avoid people coming just to take advantage fo the free samples and not buying. Still, they allow 2x1 after 8PM and with some cards (full list of discounts here).

    • Horarios:

    Sábado 6, Domingo 7 y Lunes 8, de 12 a 22:30 horas

    Martes 9: de 12 a 21 horas

    • Precio General: $200

    Jubilados: $100

    Menores de 12 años gratis, acompañados por un mayor. Todos los días.

    Estudiantes de gastronomía, turismo y carreras afines, $100 el sábado 6 presentando certificado de estudiante regular. El resto de los días precio General de $200.

    A partir de las 20 horas entran dos y paga uno.

  • I have to say that last year it was smaller than previously, unfortunately.

    Less producers, higher costs... and I believe also less visitants.

    I visit the fair with a suitcase and a backpack because I buy several liters of oil, marmalades etc.

    You can also park in the fair parking but it is expensive. In 2017 there was a cheap delivery service with lockboxes where you could leave your purchases. The service was available only in Capital and back then we lived in the GBA. Last year I don't recall this service.

    Given the admission price, I guess they will have to find a way to attract more visitors. For example, during the recent book fair, they announced free admission on Tuesday afternoon by presenting the SUBE card (I believe everybody has one) in an effort to attract a larger crowd.

    These are though times.

  • We have something similar for local producers only on a much tinier of course otherwise no one would go.

    I haven't been but my wife once went and said the stallholders were all selling overpriced shit!! (her exact words) Can't say I was surprised.