The Danish Connection

  • Electricity never been worse than now, thanks to MM! This was just one, many more to come. Yellow balloons and happy

  • Pseudo Bajo - this is fun! But you don’t quite have down the actual grammatical and spelling deviations. Still, kudos for trying! (Hint: try saying “Macri bad! Cristina good! Futbol para todos y todas!”)

  • See you, now accept the facto that mm bad an cfk less bad for country.

    I write very quik cause I work, don't have time for checking spell.

  • Ah, but the REAL bajo worships at cfk’s feet, and would never refer to her as simply “less bad.”

    And, while you have rather admirably captured his martyred “I’m so busy with my work” meme, you are lamentably bad at imitating his profoundly humorous English usage, instead substituting predictable Anglo-pretending-to-be-non-Anglo speech. (“facto???” Really??? I laugh in your general direction!)

    Nope. Close, but no cigar.

  • Im afraid someone called my bluff.......what a pity.....I had planned to rant on and on and on......was is my astronaut story that made u suspicious? The point was, I need to post real bs, otherwise it wouldn't seem to b the real doc....but still not to loco.....

    Anyway I think I lost the game! I have been reading his posts on the other site, and they are just so surreal......I laugh my ass of sometimes....I even got addicted to checking all the time for new absurd comments from him. First I was sure it was a troll, untill all info was out about him, (job, name etc).

    BTW I was always passive user by baexpats, never posted.....I saw that it would lead nowhere :-)

  • I like your sense of humor, Nouveau Bajo. Glad you’re out of the closet and will look forward to your JAN from DK non-trolling posts.

    Uhhhhhh, image if I'm even worse than doctor Dolittle....:-)

  • It was quite funny actually and to think that, if you told it to the K sheep, they'd probably believe it lock, stock and barrel.

    Yes, true, hilarious......but when u think about it, scary scary.....

    I have a few kk friends or connections, not real friends.....their mindset is really scary...... especially when it's adult ones that comes with these opinions!!!!

    Got this beer buddy from here, ultra kk......needed to cancel our friendship some years back, he started to explain me about the low educational level, bad healthcare system and high unemployment in Denmark and rest of Scandinavia.......was to painful for my ears!!!! (And behind the note: I'm not patriotic about my birth country in anyway, since I don't consider myself Danish anymore after spending my hole adult life abroad).

  • The real Dr. Bajo is restless but he has some peers that give him credits on the other place, so his ‘wisdom’ is not shared in vain!

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  • The real Dr. Bajo is restless but he has some peers that give him credits on the other place, so his ‘wisdom’ is not shared in vain!

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    Yes that's I already read on the other site.

    Nevertheless, I do not like that part either: his job is to find loopholes in the system to try bypass it and have immigrants conceive papers/passport from here.

    To be honest, if I was a john doe argentino, I would find it not very patriotic!

    I remember back in time, how proudly he tells how he got hookers and thieves through the system! Not my cup of tea!

    On top of all, a cheap capitalist, that like to live the good life, charging dollars to clients.....but would prefer buying in pesos's just the typical hipocrite kk way of being. Therefore, for me, his "grand success" is quite repulsive to me!!!!

  • Still I'm quite disappointed about myself that I didn't manage the trolling until I had been though the "going on the balcony with a 9 mm" or where to buy katari swords in the right length......I already had a hole pitch in my head....and I would have pulled it out to the most obscene ever heard...:-)