The war Hollywood won't touch: where are the big-budget films about the Falklands?

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  • A very good article (that needed proofreading first) from The Daily Telegraph, discussing why no major film has been made about the Falklands war.

    However, the BBC has made a couple, namely An Ungentlemanly Act and Tumbledown, both of which were well received. The British ministry of defence actually tried to ban the latter film, can you believe?…pZblVgNoEpvVqI61ZNMhz29O4

  • The conclusion that the story might be too parochial for mass audiences was running through my head all the way through. Remember, Hollywood is first and last concentrating on the Big Bucks.

    (I was completely shocked by Sir Lawrence Freedman’s statement, “I think there’s a problem that a lot of cotemporary film and TV focuses on trauma. Not to deny PTSD, but most soldiers recover from it.”

    This man doesn’t begin to know what he is talking about. Unbelievable!)