Spanish teacher from North Carolina in La Plata

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  • Hi!

    I moved last year from North Carolina to La Plata ( City Bell) and would like to meet Americans or English Speaking residents in the area. I taught as a Spanish Instructor for 10 years in a university in USA and would like to teach Spanish to those who just moved to Argentina and want to learn about the local language and culture!:)

  • Hi, virnu2003 - I hope you’ll find this forum helpful and interesting. I look forward to conversing with you. La Plata is only about 50 km from BsAs; if you ever come our way, I’d love to get together with you.

    What part of the US are you from?

  • Just saw this....welcome to the forum. :thumbup:

    I have to admit my Spanish is absolutely woeful. Reasons for that? I'm incredibly lazy when it comes to anything involving academia, my wife's English has always been excellent...she like you was an English teacher after all. Plus my Spanish teacher here sadly committed suicide after I had two lessons with her. I get by anyway as the locals are super friendly and patient with me.

    Must admit I'm very surprised so few people here speak English....especially the younger generation.