Free Guided tours in Spanish and English run weekly

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  • The City of Buenos Aires offers many (about 20) completely free guided tours. You can browse them by neighborhood or by day of the week.

    Some of the activities are available also in English by advanced booking: https://turismo.buenosaires.go…article/free-guided-tours

    There is no excuse to spend a day at home in Buenos Aires!

    Example of an English tour: Balvanera: tango and the Abasto market


  • Because of its impressive size and distinguished appearance, the Abasto shopping center has always made me wonder about its history. Originally built solely to house the old market? Beautiful!

    Inside the big Coto next door, when taking the stairs to go upstair there are pictures of the original construction works of the market. The area was buzzing and lively, many constructions were going on at the same time (subway, buildings, the Abasto market). It was the beginning of westernization of the new world!