Is Italy becoming a fascist state?

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  • Unfortunately, everything that is written on that article is true.

    Also that historical city centers in Italy have become shady at night, as foreigners are hanging outside kebab shops, drinking beer and using the streets as public restroom (this pastime, is common to Italians). They play drums and scream and sing all night, until 2AM or later. The police is outnumbered and cannot make them stop or move. The same scene repeats night after night.

    My father lives in a small city of about 40k inhabitants, a few meters from the main square, and tells me these things. He often told me he doesn't feel safe at night in the street (this has never been a problem). Also people living in smaller places tell me the same.

    I myself have seen these people hanging in the streets and historical places doing nothing, screaming on the mobile (are they really calling somebody all the time?), arguing among themselves, getting drunk.

    Many immigrants cannot find jobs so they hang out in the squares, on the steps of churches, near ethnic shops, and beating the time drinking.

    City administrations have tried several measures to try to contain this phenomenon, including forbidding to sell glass bottles after 9 PM or to sit on church's steps. This thing of closing ethnic shops after 9PM follows this path.

    Italy never had an immigration policy, so new arrivals haven't been able to integrate properly. They are outcast and the crippled local economy doesn't help, either.

    In Italy, there has always been a great deal of rivalry between nearby towns (since the middle age), and between the north and the south (since we are one nation). It is sad to see that the only thing uniting us is racism.

  • Does anyone know the origins of this racism? This trend towards intolerance and even hatred of those who are different is dismaying, and as bad for the haters as it is for the hated.