Cafayate Folk Festival 2020

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  • Can someone tell me what dates the 2020 Cafayate Folk Festival runs in 2020? I can't come up with the dates through myh internet searches. Thank you. Joe

  • Hi Joe,

    in Argentina nothing is planned so much ahead of time, not even football matches!

    For the last edition, dates were announced at the end of October 2018, tickets became available for purchase at the end of December 2018, and the festival was held at the end of February 2019.

    Este año se realizará la preserenata los días Jueves 21, Viernes 22 y Sabado 23 de Febrero de 2.019 en la ciudad de Cafayate, en el corazón de los Valles Calchaquies..

    La venta de entradas comenzará a partir del 21 de diciembre. Se podrán adquirir por [...]

    If you are in Europe, el Peteco Carabajal is about to start his European tour. You can check this page to receive updates on his tour.

    Out of curiosity: do you also dance or do you attend for the music, only?

  • Serafina,

    Thank you for the explanation of how the schedule is developed. I enjoy visiting Cafayate and I was hoping to avoid the crowds caused by the Folk Festival. Last year I was there for the last day and I was amazed at how many people attend! I live in the USA so I try to plan well in advance.

    Best, Joe