Outstanding military figures

  • Our grandfathers gave their lives, not just for country, but for other peoples’ countries, for the overriding love of freedom.

    Today we have people who won’t even take the coronavirus vaccination to save the lives of their families, their country, themselves.

    What is the opposite of moral and ethical evolution?

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    What incredible fighting spirit!

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    Nuisance, the only dog ever to be enlisted in the Royal Navy.

  • Perhaps this is completely unpolitically correct, but I would like to remember the wise attitude of the german general Von Choltitz, who dared to disobey the

    explicit orders from Hitler to destroy Paris. He was conscious that if he did that, the story will remember him like Atila, a typical Barbarian.

    Another controversial case is the Austrian marshal Radetzky von Radetz, who fought against the French who tried to wipe out the Austrian in Milan, but before this

    he was an excellent governor of the city. The city was the capital of the former Kingdom of Lombardy-Venice from 1815 to 1859. No other reign, among the

    various states at that time in Italy, was so well administered and prosperous in all Italy.

  • I am completely unfamiliar with Radetsky von Radetz, and I very much appreciate this historical glance into who he was before the war.

    The world owes a debt of gratitude to General Von Choltitz for very surely risking execution for insubordination when he refused to destroy Paris. Try to imagine that majestic city if it now consisted of post-1950’s buildings!

  • The post 1950 buildings in England, especially near London, were very criticized by Prince Charles, of Wales. He was right, but among the intellectuals

    Prince Charles was the black hat cowboy. I agree with Prince Charles.

    As regards Paris, the harmony of the regular blocks and facades of the city, prescribed by the Baron Haussmann, and the several interactions between parks,

    monuments and the River Seine, are a brilliant example of the good sides of our western civilizations. Surely Von Choltitz, despite his former allegiance with Hitler,

    have carefully thought about his decision to keep Paris as it is,

    Another outstanding military figure is General Mac Arthur, who was the Víctor over Japan in WWII. Then he became governor of Japan, under the Emperor Hirohito

    that was allowed to exercise his title under the terms of the armistice of 1945.

    But he acted with generous magnanimity, helping to restore Japan from the war destruction and developing its economy, at the point to compete

    with the US car industry.

    Normally the victorious chiefs take revenge on those who lose the war. This is a clear proof of the wise thinking of Winston Churchill:

    In war, Resolution: in defeat, Dignity: in victory, Magnanimity

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    Letters Of Last Resort Are Post Apocalyptic Orders For UK Vanguard Sub Crews
    The Prime Minister writes hand-penned orders to Royal Navy ballistic missile submarine captains explaining what to do following a sneak nuclear attack that…

    Letters of last resort are a scary prospect and I expect most nations with nuclear capacity have something similar.


    The letters of last resort are four identically-worded handwritten letters from the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to the commanding officers of the four British ballistic missile submarines. They contain orders on what action to take in the event that an enemy nuclear strike has destroyed the British government, and has killed or otherwise incapacitated both the prime minister and their designated "second person", typically a high-ranking member of the Cabinet, such as the Deputy Prime Minister or the First Secretary of State, to whom the prime minister has designated the responsibility of choosing how to act, in the event that they die in office. In the event that the orders are carried out, the action taken could be the last official act of the Government of the United Kingdom.[2]

    If the letters are not used during the term of the prime minister who wrote them, they are destroyed unopened after that person leaves office, so that their content remains unknown to anyone except the issuer.[3]