Cristina Kirchner is not running for president

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  • CFK has just announced that she has asked Alberto Fernandez to run for president and she will run as his vice president.

    This has come as quite a surprise to most people and one wonders if it's influenced by the impending trial and also how the government feels about it. Relief?…esidente_0_ZUIVL96uL.html

    And here's Alberto Fernandez in December 2015, saying that CFK had lost touch with reality and other hard hitting criticisms.

    Politicians, eh? Don't you just love them?

  • I am with UK man.... no relief! Indeed, more suspicious than ever. Me say there will be fireworks in the air very soon!

  • is this the only country in the world where the VP announces their candidature and then announces who their president will be?

    I thought it was the other way about.

    But I am just a silly Glaswegian who believes in honesty and transparency...

  • I accidentally posted in the wrong thread:


    I think she's been weakened, actually and this could be seen as a victory for Macri.

    Don't forget that the supreme court issued the trial statement on Thursday after Wednesday's no-trial fiasco, which is precisely the day when she is alleged to have told Albert to be on the ticket as presidential candidate. I think she always knew this would go to trial, so this may have been her only option.


    Unless she know there is something onto Alberto and she will take his place, once they win.

    If they don't win, she doesn't lose twice in a row. If they win, she will find a way to get to the first place anyway.

    I can't believe she is playing not to be number 1. That's not something her character would do.


    You mean, pull the strings in the background?

    That would be her ideal situation as VP.


    What she has on Albert is that he's a c**t and would stab anyone in the back, but he appears to be pliable. She is a dominatrix after all.

    Yes, that's the perfect solution.


    If her party loses, it is not HER loss and can blame Alberto.

    If her party wins, she can pull the strings in the background AND eventually stab him in the back if she wants to become #1 again (and maybe pin his death on the opposite party)

  • She has proven her ruthlessness. Were I president with her as my vp, I’d keep a photograph of Alberto Nisman on my mirror.

  • To be honest, I'm flummoxed by this, as are most political commentators.

    If she had chosen to run as president, I don't think there would have been much argument. But Alberto Fernandez has zero projection, even less charisma than Macri (if that were even possible) and has turned on CFK on numerous occasions, especially after the Julio Cobos affair when he (Cobos) took the casting vote against her as president of the senate.

    Fernandez was a very vocal critic of her and he's an unknown in the popularity stakes.

  • There is clearly a lot more to this story than meets the eye. Surely more will unfold as eager reporters sniff out details and motives become clearer.

  • Was chatting to the folks back in the UK and they can't believe what's going on considering the court case and what she's being accused of doing over the years.....they're literally pissing themselves laughing!!

    And that's the saddest part of this whole affair. This country must be being seen as a joke around the world hence why it continues to struggle so much. :thumbdown:

    What a shame.

  • I agree with you, Rice. The next months will make for an interesting read, for sure!

    UK Man, I think some people here actually ADMIRE them for doing what they do because deep down, they'd do the same had they the chance to!

  • Fair point, but surely you can only be pardoned for a crime you were actually convicted of?

    Anything's possible here...^^

    So many scenarios could be written surrounding this decision. I personally wouldn't be at all surprised if some 'deal' has been done in return for her not running for Presidency.

  • A deal with whom?

    I can't imagine a deal with Macri, unless he was absolutely 100% sure that he'd win without her in the running. Besides, that little nest of vipers would do almost anything to get back in power, save doing a deal with with Mauricio, whom she loathes.