Mercadolibre takes your money and run

  • My husband has made a 6,000 pesos purchase on ML on behalf of a friend.

    He made the payment in a PagoFacil and started traveling to the seller's to collect the item. However, the confirmation of the money delivery didn't come through as usual. After 20' and no confirmation, my husband thought to cancel the payment so that the money would get in his Mercadopago account, and to perform again the payment.

    What a terrible idea! The money was not reimbursed instantly. In fact, he was told that he would have been probably reimbursed on the next day. Of course, the next day would be today and no reimbursement was made.

    The friends wants the item he paid for, my husband wants to get out of this ASAP, and ML's customer services keeps saying 'it happens...'.


  • Maybe it was a good omen, but a few minutes after I posted the above the money got credited to my husband's account. It just took ML 1 second to collect the payment and 36 hours to reimburse it.

    My husband is as excited as a teenager and he is forfeiting dinner to go collect the item and deliver it to our friend. He is so happy he got out of this before the weekend.

  • I ordered an expensive monitor through Mercadolibre on Monday and it was advertised as free same-day delivery, but of course they don't tell you what time you'll receive the goods.

    Anyway, we arranged our day so that someone would be in, with instructions to ring the doorbell - many people simply can't see it even when you tell them exactly where it is.

    I was in and out all day and finally by 9.30 pm I received a message from the delivery man saying he had problems with his vehicle, sending a further message at 1030 pm saying it would be delivered today without fail.

    Today messages to him went unanswered and at around 4.30 pm I finally received a message from another delivery bloke saying that he would be delivering by around 8 pm tonight even though he was no further than ten miles away in Benavidez.

    Most of the time I try to collect from the seller, but often that isn't possible, so on this occasion it's another example of crap service yet again.

    I'll update this later, if it ever arrives.