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Drinking and Nationality

  • Louisiana friends make limoncello every year, and I can attest that it is both strong and fabulous. The recipe is on the internet, as is the one for Bailey’s Irish Cream - - also a dead wringer for the original and deadly delicious.

    I love the BsAs restaurants that serve a glass of limoncello after dinner. Nice touch.

  • On the topic of drinking and nationality, I was meeting at several events a man in his 30s from an eastern country who drank way too much (and drove at the same time!!!).

    He told me he has to drink at least 5 drinks just to get started. I was embarrassed for him when he wasn't able to walk straight or tipped the glass or crashed a bottle of beer because it slipped from his hands. I was surprised that my cousin and his friends kept inviting him at those events. He wasn't even particularly fun when drunk. It seemed to me a very shy boy that was desperately trying to win over his shyness with alcohol.

    Regardless, my cousin put my concerns on his friend's need to seek psychological help as "it is his culture to drink".

    I found it a very dismissive comment. He was an embarrassment for the group as the staff kept an eye on him at all time, and other patrons turned their head.

    They weren't so condescend about the girl (of a different nationality) who drank also too much and danced in a very funny (and to me fun) way, i.e. twerking for the whole night.

  • I've met a few of his type over the years.....not here right enough. I like a drink but thankfully I know when to stop before making a fool of myself.

  • Haven't had a drink in over 20yrs now, don't even keep alcohol in the house.

    In Scotland I wasn't much of a drinker so rarely kept any in the house. Usually only had a drink when out socialising in a pub or restaurant which wasn't that often. Wasn't really until I came to live here I started to enjoy a drink at home. Mostly beer when the weather's hot or when making an asado. Now I always enjoy having wine with dinner and a snifter before going to bed if I remember to buy it. Always in moderation though.