Your pictures of Buenos Aires and beyond

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  • What an un-american remark....:D

    I think we will rely on that the zoombies are good zoombies.....I'm sure they will be!


    Maybe Argentina will b the first successfully zoombie governed country in the world....... Splinter , better get ur dashcams ready and buy a lot storage space for the delightful zoombie gatherings! Now I think we need a peace emoji also..... hahahaha

  • We all know how popular graffiti is in BA and this is how the local council does it. They hire graffiti experts and get them to do their stuff on walls that are prone to it and I think the result is pretty good.

    I wish I'd taken a picture of what it was like before, but I do remember than one still had a poster for Stolbizer running for president in 2015.


  • This is great stuff! But it’s really street art rather than graffiti.

    Palermo was especially hard hit by actual graffiti - - hideous, defacing stuff done in stealth - - a few years ago. A pair of forum members who are still our heroes for this, took it upon themselves to buy rollers, brushes and paint that they’d carefully matched to the buildings’ original colors. Striking at daybreak on weekends, they deftly painted over the spray can vandals’ work on buildings all around the ‘hood and eventually prevailed.

    BsAs street art? Terrific! Someone gives a tour of barrios containing especially good examples.