Falklands/Malvinas Day

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  • Local military sources in Buenos Aires, speaking to Defense News on the condition of anonymity due to the sensitivity of military deals, said Argentina will pay $320 million for the acquisition. They also said banks and the U.S. will provide loans to help finance the deal ….”

    I can certainly see why “banks and the US” are happy to provide loans, since Argentina has such a good history of repaying loans.

    But I don’t understand why Milei doesn’t keep his eye on the economy and delay a $320 million purchase of (aging) military equipment until

    A) Argentina has something other countries might want;

    B) There is reason for Argentines to again trust the military without renewed denialism in the toll of the military dictatorship; and

    C) The economy has recovered enough for Argentina to be able to afford the additional debt.

    Argentina can’t even afford to keep its people fed. Why is it jumping the gun on obtaining military toys?

  • Apparently this was approved by the previous K administration in September 2022 at an initial cost of $684m, so one can only assume a deal has been done with the US, not to mention the donation/transfer of a Hercules C-130 to Argentina from the US government in recent days.

    Also, President Biden is sending the USS George Washington, one of the most powerful warships in the world, to somewhere in Argentina in the coming months.

    We also have to consider the Chinese base in, Neuquen, Argentina, given to the Chinese as sovereign territory by the previous Peronist government, presumably in exchange for Yen loans/swaps. Milei's government now wants to inspect that base and I imagine that General Laura Richardson, currently visiting this country, will have raised that subject as well.

    Clearly, Milei is aligning himself with the US and moving away from the previous buddy-buddy relationship with China.

  • Of course I’m glad to see Argentina moving a bit away from China. But if China really ever wants to grab land by force, could that tiny arsenal of old fighter jets could stop it?

    Well, they didn't have to grab anything. Argentine territory was given to them by the last and most corrupt and destructive government this country has seen.

    Now of course, the Kakas are accusing Milei of being a clown and handing control of this country's defence to the US, conveniently forgetting the China connection for which only they are responsible.

  • I have to agree with you. Total bloody nonsense if you ask me. :thumbdown:

    My explanation is that any time there is a deal and money moves, it gives a chance to make money / laundry dirty money. Which keeps the ball rolling even for a country with a bad history of repaying debts such as Argentina. Surely the IMF or the US don't run a charity.