Shipping to Argentina - any update?

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    Probably would have been quicker to send a pigeon.

    Aye...and a dead pigeon at that.


    Maybe if they let it hang in a ruddy storage facility long enough, it’ll get stamped by a pigeon! 🤣

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  • A few updates.

    On Nov 2019, a client sent me a letter by priority mail (the cheapest shipping method in the US) and it never arrived. For 2.50 USD, it was to be expected.

    On March 18 2021, a client me a USPS international mail (about $38). At USPS, the printed label didn't read ARGENTINA and the tracking said the envelope is now in Lithuania. The handwritten label reads Argentina. However, who reads labels anymore? They are just scanned...

    Today I mailed a letter to the UK using EMS service by Correo Argentino for 2,760 ARS (about 15 GBP). Supposedly, 5-7 days to deliver that in Lynton, UK. So far, it's been 3 hours and it doesn't even show up in the system. I will be saying a little prayer tonight.

  • One of the companies I work with sent three packages earlier this month with DHL from Glasgow to Mendoza

    One arrived in 4 days, one in 8, and the third in 14 days.

    Each one weighed the same and was picked up at the same time

    DHL cannot explain why this happened

    The tracking system indicates the hold-up was east midlands airport.

    Buenos Aires worked well for once - processing took two days in each case which was fine as customs duties had to be paid.

  • I regularly mail documents to the US using DHL. Depending on the US location, it may take 1 day longer. They estimate a week to deliver the package to take into account custom delays but they are always quicker.

    I mailed on Wed to FL and NY - the client in FL received the package on Sunday (yes, in the US couriers deliver on Sunday! It happened before!), the client in NY received it on Monday.

    On Thu, I mailed to CA and NJ. Estimated delivery was by Fri 23, however they both got it on Tue 20.

    About 50% of the time, the envelope I drop at DHL before their afternoon pickup time (around 4 PM) has cleared customs in Miami bu the next morning. Then it spends one day sitting at the DHL facility in Miami before being dispatched. If the delivery address is in Florida, it is out for delivery on the next day. If it is going farther, it gets mailed to the Cincinnati Hub and from there to CA/NY/TN etc.

    DHL has been slightly faster than previously, however they also increased the price from 40-42 USD to 47 USD, which is fine by me.

    Their rate to the UK is not very competitive, though. Even at the blue rate, it was 36 GBP with a 5 day delivery. Which is approx the same turnaround time (5-7) given by EMS via Correo Argentino for 15 GBP. To my surprise, later last night my EMS mailing was showing up in the tracking system and today is labeled as having already been despatched to the UK.

    Andreani and FedEx were prohibitively expensive. FedEx quoted me 23,000 ARS, while Andreani was around 16,000 ARS using a simulation tool, and 11,000 ARS using their fare tables.

    One thing caught my attention: since my client is based in the UK and doesn't speak Spanish, I wanted to give him an English website to track his shipping. Royal Mail recognized the tracking code as an EMS parcel, and redirected me to this website:

    Apparently, EMS is a beast of its own.

    This is the first time I am using EMS and if it really works this good, I may use it more often, as their rate is very competitive. I just have to stand in line at the Correo Office and fill in 3 pieces of sheet by hand, but other than that, it's half the price.

    GlasgowJohn , do you have a business account with DHL and get better rates?

    Express mail is an expedited mail delivery service for which the customer pays a premium for faster delivery. Express mail is a service for domestic and international mail, and is in most nations governed by the country's own postal administration. Since 1999, the international express delivery services are governed by the EMS Cooperative.

    Fight the milanesa:!:

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    Today I mailed a letter to the UK using EMS service by Correo Argentino for 2,760 ARS (about 15 GBP). Supposedly, 5-7 days to deliver that in Lynton, UK. So far, it's been 3 hours and it doesn't even show up in the system. I will be saying a little prayer tonight.

    Mailed from Buenos Aires on April 21, 2021 and received in Lynton, UK on April 29, 2021. Expected delivery was 5-7 days, and in fact it took 6 working days.

    The tracking is still quite detailed. It even shows an image of the recipient's signature on delivery.

    The original tracking code was EE........AR and it was reclassified with a EH.....GB code. Still, the tracking worked all the way with the original tracking code.

  • Another update: I had to send an important document to my family in Italy. I wanted to play it safe and used DHL. Their rate to Italy is 75 USD, which translates to about 7200 ARS at today's exchange rate (93 official) and back translated to 50 USD at the blue rate (today: 148).

    EMS would have cost the same as with my previous shipping, which is 1/3rd of what I paid today. A sore, but these docs are irreplaceable to me. Expected delivery: May 7 or 8. I'll grab a chair.