The king of Pyongyang

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  • Some see a smiling, affable persona. Others see a crazed sociopath formed by his history of always getting his own way, without having to abide by even the commonest of societal norms.

    Oh! We are talking about Kim Jung Un, not the president of the United States, who says he “fell in love” with Kim?

    I must have misunderstood.

    What’s not to love with a guy who murders his uncle & family with anti-aircraft guns?

  • They are two peas in the same pod - in my opinion.

    Oh, I forgot ......... I am of course referring to President J Trump and Kim Jong Un.

    However, it is a BIG PEA POD; because in there are also:

    Jared Kushner

    Mike Pompeo

    Ivanka Trump

    Donald Trump, Jr.

    and ...... and ...... and ........

    Naming them ALL here would, I fear, over-run the hosting system Splinter uses for this website, so I had better stop.

  • ...and you have only scratched the surface of the complicit sycophants who have been all to willing to sacrifice their erstwhile principles while endangering our democracy.

    A big, nasty pea pod indeed.