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Buying a new car and the extra cost.

  • Just got a brand new car....well it's the wife's as I refuse to drive here.

    The forms were signed, she handed over the cash then drove it away. I thought that was that until I found out all the extra costs involved after you got it. Getting it registered and goodness what else cost another 48,000 pesos!!!

    I believe in the UK all that is included in the car price apart from the £50 registration fee.

  • What?! Can you break down those 48k pesos? That's over 1k €!

    Registration to get the plates plus all sorts of taxes it would seem. Not 100% sure so I'll ask her and get back to you. She did put my name down to drive it as well which probably cost extra, She dragged me to the lawyer yesterday to sign stuff....thankfully he is a friend so there was no charge for that or it would have cost more.

  • I've finally finished the paperchase on my new bike, like this:

    29th Sept pay for the bike, preload the details on the DNRPA vehicle registry website and then get an appointment in Escobar/Maschwitz for the next phase since that's where the bike was registered.

    5th October- go to Escobar, fill out lots of forms, declare absolute minimum value for the bike and hand over the registration fees, which in the end weren't as bad as I had thought. I was then told that all the papers would be sent to the relevant registry office near me in a couple of days - no longer than 72 hours they said...

    Three weeks later and a lot of chasing (I'm a persistent bastard) the papers and cedula (carnet) arrived in the Olivos registry by post which I learned after phoning them, so I went straight there without bothering with an appointment.

    They handed over the papers and cedula, but I had to go back again because they put my nationality as Argentine, the incorrect address and email, which they corrected.

    Fortunately the Olivos registry is just for motorcycles, is usually very quiet and they know me now because I'm a regular visitor :)

    Straight after that I went to the Vicente Lopez town hall (municipalidad) and put the bike in their system (dar de alta) which took all of ten minutes.

    The system is certainly much better than before, especially the last bit, but the snail mail aspect was not up to par.

    Either way, they have you by the short and curlies in what you have to pay because the list of ancillary charges goes on and on...