Friday December 8th - National Holiday

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  • Hello everybody,

    I just wanted to remind you that this Friday we have a national holiday.

    What about a ride on the Caballito's historic tramway?


  • The Feast day of the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception.

    Although I was brought up as a Catholic and educated in a Catholic school , I have never been easy with the Immaculate Conception as a concept.

    But i will take the holiday......

    In real terms I will get up early and mail my people in Europe, make some calls to some guys in North America and then escape to Peru Beach with Mrs GlasgowJohn and GlasgowJohn Junior

  • I always knew this simply to be a church holy day, but I've never lived in a Catholic country before. Here, the church on our plaza has a big procession with big crowds, flags of the Americas, lots of singing, loud speakers and, well, noise.

    I prefer December 12, feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, not a national holiday but with all of the above, but also Mariachis!

  • Talkin' about Mariachis, about a month ago I was walking to Jumbo Almagro and in a minor street, in front of what looked like a cultural center/association, a whole band of well-rounded Mariachis all dressed up started coming out from a tiny car. It was one of those surreal moments... I had never seen Mariachis before (except maybe in DisneyWorld Florida).

  • The holiday when I used to make the xmas tree back home ;-)

    It is the official start to the Christmas festivities in Catholic countries and always was the day that trees were decorated at home.

    Trees and decorations up until the Epiphany.

    But the bad news is that there is a threat of thunderstorms in the afternoon . Peru Beach may be cancelled until tomorrow!

  • THEM! Now the questions are: how do Mariachis differ one to another? And how to they fit in a regular city car, guitars, hats and all?

    By the way, I like the Mexican restaurant near La Lucila train station. The owner was super nice and the food was good!

  • We're thinking of going there for Adri's birthday next week, now that you mention it. I park my bike outside everyday and have never been there :(

    They are open only at night and the place gets crowded quickly. We had to wait for 40 mins on a Saturday evening. The inside would need a little maintenance but the plates were good (my first Mexican, to be honest, but it was tasty and genuine). They make their own tortillas and the selection is wide. We were suggested to try one of their combo dishes, enough to fill us up. Some of them include the margarita, if I remember right, so check the menu well before ordering further drinks!