Help! Siri is eating my battery for breakfast!

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  • Until this week, my iPhone battery held a full charge all day, even with constant use. But suddenly it is losing its charge literally before my eyes (it has gone down 9% in the 12 minutes I’ve been on the forum.).

    I checked all the usual battery eating culprits. On the battery usage chart I was stunned to see that 59% of my battery usage in the past 24 hours is attributed to Siri audio, which I essentially don’t use. So in settings, I just turned that function off.

    Assuming that the perfidious Siri is my battery consumption culprit, does anyone have any ideas about why It seemed to be continuously running, and how I might accidentally have hit some unknown “stay on” switch?

  • There is a Siri function to have 'her' alert at all times, so that you can say 'Hey Siri' from anywhere in the room and she activates. Basically, keeping Siri on the listening at all time is battery-consuming.

    In your iPhone settings you can see what apps are using most of the battery. Apps running in the background are battery draining, but so good when you open them and they already know where you are and what you might need!