Please watch this speech

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  • Thank you so much, TomAtAlki . This speech, given yesterday by Senator Michael Bennet to his fellow senators , begins as a response to his Texas colleague, Ted Cruz, who himself was responsible for a government shutdown 6 years ago, yet he now pretends empathy for government workers in their 34th day of the shutdown proudly claimed by the president of the United States, putting over 800,000 government workers, their families, contractors, etc. in the position of either being furloughed without pay or, in the case of air traffic controllers and TSA security agents in airports, among others,having to work without pay. [Note: today the president hit the pause button for 3 weeks. Will we be revisiting the virtual shutdown of NYC's LaGuardia Airport by unpaid, exhausted air traffic controllers in order to bring phase 2 to an end?]

    Senator Bennet's speech begins with the folly of the shutdown, and then goes on to decry the sorry state of the US government and the United States in general. It is eloquent, stirring, and clearly from the heart. I've watched it twice. If we had 99 more senators with his courage, his convictions, his genuineness, the country would be in excellent condition.