Paper vs digital - what suits you best?

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  • In all honesty, I almost gave up reading after I finished high school. At the university I had so much reading just to study, that the last thing I wanted was to sit on front of a book also on my spare time. Then I started working, and I was busy working. Then I started translating, and I was reading and writing all day, so I fell back in the trap of giving up books. My rationale was that if I had to read a book, it was for a purpose, so I never read novels or fiction work. The only exception being when traveling by train 🚂 which happened maybe once per year and seldom for long enough as to be absorbed in a book.

    When I moved to Argentina I started buying digital books of my favorite Italian writer because I had fond memories of his earlier books. I read them on my iPad or iPhone. This way, I had no excuse - I am glued to a screen most of the time, I could find time to read my book while taking the bus etc. however on Buenos Aires one cannot be absorbed by a book on an electronic device because the risk of it getting stolen is too high.

    Reading on iPad is okay at night, as you don’t need to keep your nightstand light on to read, as the screen is backlit. You can choose about 4 combination of background and font color, 2 for night time and 2 for day time.

    I read books both in the Apple Books app and in the kindle app linked to my amazon account. I usually bought the book where it cost less.

    My mother is an avid kindle reader, and she spoke highly of the kindle device. I gifted her an old iPad and she says she rarely reads on iPad, because it is heavier and the screen is too bright and demanding for the eyes. She claims that reading on the kindle is a completely different story, very close to an actual book.

    So I asked her to pass on her old kindle (it was no longer working with her WiFi at home but works seamlessly with mine in Buenos Aires). I just read a couple of samples, but I tend to agree with her.

    Right now I am reading paper books I bought in India, 3 of them. They were so cheap compared to anywhere else. I spent $14 for three new books bought at the airport! (They are in English but with the wording “For sale only in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka”.)

    And where and how do you like to read?
    Would you pick your favorite media for a special book?

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  • I’m traveling right now, and read one book outbound, and another on the return trip, both paper. I just like the feel of a book in my hands, and frequently turn back to re-read a page, something I find harder to do on a device.

    At home, I read in bed at night. This is the time when a backlit device would be good, but I just don’t enjoy the experience as much.

  • It would have to be a paperback. I've not tried a digital book reader and have no desire to start either even if I got the books for free. I tend to nod off when reading so something that doesn't break when it hits the floor would be a better idea.