It's -26c in Ottawa!

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  • That is definitely brass monkey weather!


    Montreal and Ottawa are looking at daytime highs of just minus 15 to 17 C with icy wind chills as low as minus 35 C where exposed flesh can suffer frostbite in just minutes.

    The City said it was suspending the Fete des Neiges due to the snowy, windy and cold weather as well as the dangerous conditions on Quebec’s roads.

    Winnipeg is also feeling the cold snap Monday, with the temperature dropping to -30 C with the wind chill.


  • I would really like to visit Montreal. But not in the winter.

    My last trip - quite some time ago - was a cross-country Canadian Train trip in early October. It was already COLD in Ontario.

    If I do get to Montreal, I am going in the summer months; and probably by train.

    Canada has beautiful passenger trains - and they run on time!

  • Perhaps in the near future we could send a bit of temperate weather (let's say 24 Centigrades) by e mail, digitally contained, when visiting Canada in October.

  • I am on my way home from a funeral in the Midwest (USA), near Lake Michigan. The day of the funeral, we were outdoors in -21 Celsius, with mounds of snow on the ground. Of course, coming from temperate weather, I had no boots and no wool clothing. Even though I’m in the airport at Dallas, I’m cold, just thinking about the past few days.