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  • Due to the rather predictable food scene here over my years here - mostly beef and pasta based - I was very pleased to see that a couple of Sushi places have recently opened in my town. :thumbup:

    Being no sushi expert - my only experiences have been buying it from Marks and Spencer in the UK - so I haven't much of a clue about it. I suspect Sushi has been available in Buenos Aires for many a year and was wondering if anyone here can tell me about their sushi experiences? In other words is it any good ?

  • A cautionary word:

    A sushi chef from Japan told my brother that it is important to make sure the restaurant freezes everything before preparing and serving, to kill any parasites.

    Since I’m unfamiliar with the degree of care Argentina’s restaurant inspectors exercise, I’d advise caveat emptor in the case of raw fish.

  • There are tons of sushi places in Capital, but they are mostly Chinese or Argentine restaurants. There are some good ones, but not very authentic. Partially because there is a lack of variety of fresh fish in Buenos Aires (I have never seen fresh tuna, for example), and also because of the Argentines love for queso - they put Philadelphia (or, more likely, the cheaper Casan cream) in every piece of sushi.

    Some places add a south-americanized flair offering sushi with guacamole, sushi with nachos, etc.

  • Yeah GlesgaJohn I make excellent fish and chips so I have no need for a chippy. :D

    Thanks for the replies. :thumbup:

    I know there's no way it would be authentic sushi I just wondered if it was a decent copy or not. Must admit, the food handling issues did cross my mind especially during the hotter months. I have no idea if food/eating establishments are regulated here as much as other countries.

    I'll investigate further and see what they have to offer. I'm just fed up with the usual BBQ, pizza, empanada fast foods, something different would make a nice change.

  • Chef and food critique Dan Perlman, author of the famous Salt Shaker blog and chef at the closed-door restaurant with the same name, has a map of the sushi places he tried in Argentina. He knows his stuff, so at least we can have a more reputable take on the authenticity part.…0mJ2zPT46ark4&usp=sharing

    He as several maps with his reviews categorized by cuisine type on his blog:

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  • You have to take into account also the lack of consistent performance in most places here. One time you go there and have a blast, come back and are utterly disappointed. Then come back again in boredom and find out that the place is not so bad. 🤔

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  • I used to buy smoked salmon from Vea. Always came frozen which was strange for me to see. You had to go through the packets and choose one as some looked a bit dodgy. Not great quality but tasted okay in scrambled egg.

    Can't remember the brand....think it started with S.

    Then it disappeared altogether.

  • For those in CABA, Ostramar (Santa Fe esq. JulianAlvarez) is a good fresh fish store. It has 200g pkgs of tasty smoked salmon for about 230 pesos.