A tourist was assaulted near plaza de Mayo and will lose his leg

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  • It’s bizarre that there is no public outcry, isn’t it?

    In fact, there is a public outcry for a drastic change in those benevolent policies. The victims are not only the tourists, but the general citizens as well. Of course, the attack on tourists are much more publicized, perhaps with the intention to diminish every day a bit more the prestige of my country, as it were some unknown country of Africa or the Near East.

    However, there is a clear resistance to change, fueled by the opposition and even from the Church, that recently was against to diminish the age of young people to be declared punishable.

    I think that anyone after 10 years of age knows very well that robbing and killing people is one of the gravest sort of sins, and also a crime. But some people thinks that they are "innocent"

    Incredible mess and mistake of my Church.