Argentina elections 2019

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  • Rice

    We will never agree on Trump....

    Buuuut....... isn't funny how he was created, from nothing? Or from something....

    He getting elected tells more about the opponent's than about him......

    Like sprint on 100 meters........all are the same, except one, that win by a split second!!!!!

    This whole theme is going on in the whole Germany, people ask how people can vote for AFD, (right wing).......

    Why? Ask the other parties, don't ask the ones gaining votes......

    When I watch Trump make statements and talk, I cannot watch and change channel.......when the Kenyan guy was president, I had it the same way.......bullshit or bullshit 180 degrees around....same story...

    At least we don't need to deal with these difficult questions here in Argentina HAHAHA

  • Maxi's ex turn lessi


    Argentina is just to funny.....just read in this la nacion article that the ex and mother of Maximos children has turned lesbian..... hahaha....I think seriously most women would have, after seeing the mutant maxi in his undies.....

    And imagine, u have these people run a province or a whole country, and they don't know if they like this or that...... hahaha god help us!

    Ha ha...mutant Maxi for Presi.

  • President Obama, like every other US president,i is an American citizen. He was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, not in Kenya. To say otherwise is to buy into the discredited fake news widely propagated by mr. trump, who later recanted and admitted that this was not true. (The message, of course, was that certainly no BLACK person could be a REAL American, therefore not an American President.) This calculated action by mr. trump had the desired effect, flushing out racists from under their rocks, and creating a political base for him.

    When people refer to President Obama as the Kenyan, JAN, they say far more about their own prejudices than about him. I thought I should explain this, because I'm not sure observers from outside the US fully understand the politically loaded meaning of the slur.

  • hahaha Rice ......boy u are itchy today...... hahaha.......I know he is supposed to be American.......

    Anyhow, how can u call Trump, tRump and other names then???? It's also not I think the name calling and ranting is from both sides!!! The left-wing and the Democrats constantly tries to discredit Trump in any possible I think calling Obama African is a quite soft discrediting compared to all the blablabla that is constantly floated about Trump.

    What I mean with my post before:

    How could Trump win?????

    Many, including me, did not want Obama to win, because I simply think he was a huge bullshitter........but I accepted the fact that he won.

    Seems like both are playing in the same game.... different sides, but same game.

    Trump is a big bullshitter and populist, exactly like Mr. O was!

  • Who is, and is not, a bullshitter seems to be in the eye of the beholder, JAN . What is not even suggested by right, left or middle is that President Obama did not compromise national security, did not insult other heads of state, did not make a practice of lying (In his first 1000 days in office, the current president has lied 13, 435 times, as documented by the Washington Post) or belittling people, and did not populate his group of advisors with criminals.

    It remains to be seen whether the current president did not abuse the power of his office to withhold defense funds that had been voted by Congress, to extort help from Ukraine in fabricating information on his likely opponent in 2020; perhaps he is suddenly telling the truth while the ambassadors and security advisors he appointed are all lying.

    There are many people in the US who dislike Obama. But there are not many who try to suggest that these two men are "playing at the same game."

  • ok we will see how all turns out and what is right or wrong......lied or not lied etc.

    Still, he is elected democratically, just like Obama was......same Constitution!

    (We already touched on that subject)

    When I say play the same game, I mean running for president!!!!!

    Next year we will have new small "Obamas" that will try to win the game!

    As I said earlier, I have very easy looking through the bullshit Trump tells, and a lot I don't take serious. I know that internationally he is considered to be a big clown.......

    But many left wing leaders are also talking totally crap, it just sounds better because it's all about saving the world and giving out this and that......the ones from South America are prime examples!

    Nobody like to hear "bad", we need to cut this or that, or stop this or that........sounds much better to tell some hippie story!

    Angela Merkel is a great example of such a crapper...... Germany is in big problems because of the immigration during the last decade......she smooth talked the population to believe it's all ok and a great idea! The famous sentence "wir schaffen das"....we will manage......people dancing around with big banners in Germany welcoming the trains full of new citizens.

    Many of which, lost their passport, not knowing where they come from, how old they where and and and.....

    I still have the picture in my mind when some trains arrive in Munich central station.......the worst if the worst stepping out of the trains, 20-30 year old men, spitting on the street, smoking cigarettes and walking like kings.......god that was an awful thing to see.........entering your new home that way! Sometimes body language tells quite a lot about someone.

    The facts show now that it was not such a great idea! And it will get a lot lot worse! So, if that's not bullshiting, then I don't know what is! Anyway it sounds a lot better than building a wall, I know!!!!!

  • And oddly enough there seem to be more people who hate, yes hate, Hilary Clinton than love Trump.

    I've never understood the bile tossed at that woman quite frankly. But I can understand the shit thrown at CFK. That much is obvious.

    I don’t understand that either. Is it simple misogyny? The US has proved itself to be very backward about electing women, compared to the rest of the world. The US and Australia seem to be the preeminent macho-man (à la John Wayne characters) cultures, yet even Australia elected a woman, Julia Gillard, ten years ago.

    In the US, older men and many older women seem to resent uppity women who don’t recognize their own obvious inferiority to the male of the species. Look at the seething animosity toward Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House! Would that exist if she were a staff member? Just this week, the elderly senator from Louisiana debased himself at a tRump rally, railing on about her stupidity (because they REALLY hate her astute adeptness), and saying what may well appear in his obituary: “it must really suck to be so dumb!” Really? This kind of speech from a senator was unheard of until 2016. Not to mention that this old man would never say such a thing about a male colleague.

    Although Hillary certainly wasn’t the most likable candidate ever, her negative qualities didn’t begin to reach the levels of her opponent. And although Nancy Pelosi irritates the opposing party, I’d guess no more so than any of her recent predecessors. Would people find ANY powerful woman in the US “likable?”

  • could it have something to do with her transformation from being an attractive and pleasant women, to a not very charming, witch looking woman???? Sorry!!! Her deterioration is very similar to that of cfk!!!!! I know that you should not judge by such simple stuff, anyway, I think many people don't find her the slightest pleasant!

    Misogyny???? Come on!!!!!

    Always when talk and critic about women appear it's hate against women......

  • Do people turn against men when they become old, fat, bald? (Or worse, lumbering, shapeless, and wearing a dead squirrel on his head?)

    Sorry, JAN , but that is lame. If men had to be young and attractive in order to be elected, then all the countries of the world would be run by women!

    Try again.

  • Rice, u said to me once.....u have all written in ur face......same with hilly.....

    Its not that she look old, she look.... different, say it like that!

    I know many that look the same also when they get older......they just look older!

    When she hold speeches, she have something that is not nice to watch.....cannot define it.

    And look at Nancy, she is still smoking hot with her 107 years!!!! Hahaha......only Mirtha is hotter! Hahaha

    No seriously, Hillarys energy is not nice.....that's why i think people don't like her......

  • Rice this whole talk started with splinter saying he dont understand why people dislike Hillary!

    I then replied why I think it's the case.....

    Wasn't me who came out and said Hillary is a witch!!!!

    The discussion was about her!!!!

    But to answer your question anyway, No!

    Difference is, Hillary changed......Trump was always like he is now......his look was exactly the same, his talk and and and......he did not change!

    There is another important thing in this whole discussion that people just ignore:

    Human beings have developed over million of years......behaviours and instincts and so on can't be changed over 50-100 years.....(the female emancipation)!

    Sorry to break the news!!!!

    Inside us is a code that we react too, even without knowing......people that deny that are naive. Soooooo, I tell don't like to watch aggressive women.....or women very dominant, (in general).

    That's why I think many dislike Hillary!

  • Rarely take much notice of US politics...bit too much 'we are the greatest' for my liking but that's just the way they do things there.
    Hilary would have made a good President. I used to like her but now think she's too bitter and bossy.

  • just read that the 🤡 have promised to remove the fence that was put in front of Congress, to protect them from the violent monkeys outside......also he will revoke the new stuff Bullrich put in place regarding police officers use of guns etc........

    I think it's great hahaha.......

    It could end up being your own death sentence......let's see if it's a clever move......

    Again, I pity the missing support for the security forces......

    If there is a rising, I hope they just leave, and leave it up to the legislators to solve the problems themselves.......

    Exactly the ones that try to restring the rights of the ones that will later maybe protect and save their life......

  • What Albert will do next, no doubt prodded by Her Majesty, is remove all police from 'manifestations' (read:infestations) and violent protests, and replace them with woke trauma counsellors, well versed in gender equality and give them on-the-spot psycho care to ease their emotional stress and sense of entitlement.

  • yes..... hahaha......

    Gonna be funny to see how that works.....

    Until now, nearly all aggression have been from left-wing and he is relying on that the other side stay passive......just like evo did......=O

    Lets see......

    But pleasssssse don't pump the news full with news about violent attacks on the Constitution BLABLABLA, when shtf!!!!!!

    I will consider ANY movement a legitimate protest, Basta!!!!