Argentina elections 2019

  • Like you say, the mess Argentina is in, is not a 4 year old mess, but it is!

    Indeed. When a brawny Scot in this day and age has to don an apron and make homemade Greek style yogurt because it's not available for purchase in a town of 80000 people you know things are bad.

  • Bloomberg’s headline at 5:12 pm was

    Argentina's 48% Stock Rout Second-Biggest in Past 70 Years”

    The short article continued:

    “The surprise outcome in Argentina’s primary vote roiled the nation’s financial markets, sending the S&P Merval Index plunging 48% in dollar terms.

    That marked the second-biggest one-day rout on any of the 94 stock exchanges tracked by Bloomberg going back to 1950. Sri Lanka’s bourse tumbled more than 60% in June 1989 as the nation was engulfed in a civil war.”

  • So my Ks friend (soon to be demoted to acquaintances) are postings stuff like 'I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel' and 'Does people really think that the pesos is sinking because the opposition won the PASO?!'.

    There is really no cure to insanity!!! I am flabbergasted. I am talking about well educated people who have lived and studied abroad!!!

  • serafina ....

    If I didn't know you were right I would say you would be trolling!!!! It's so bizarre that you can't describe it.....

    Today the mother of my daughter went to work, admin, in a private school in Recoleta.......all there super peronistas.....she said they were celebrating and singing when she arrived.....

    Private school, Recoleta....not matanza....

    There is no cure.....

    If you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, you surely have superhuman abilities!!!!

  • ... or the light at the end of the tunnel is a train about to run you over.

    I’m so curious, serafina - - what is the reason these people think the peso took a nosedive within hours of the PASO?

    Because the peso goes on a hike every other Monday... :/

    Well, I think in their book it is because Macri couldn't hide his economical failure any longer. But I am just sanely-speculating. I am sure the reality is much, much darker and twisted.

    Today, on the bus I was reading the texts that people were sending... basically they troll on FB, then support each other on whatsapp. All with cringeworthy Spanish. =O=O=O

  • Macri has been decisively out outmanoeuvred by CFK and he knows it - she plays better chess than he does.

    If the FF team wins in October, which is looking more likely than ever, I don't think there's any doubt who will really be running the country and most people can see that from a mile.

    And as for Macri's press conference yesterday - he was visibly shell shocked and made the fatal mistake of playing the blame game. As if blaming Alberto Fernandez is going to improve his badly damaged credibility. The blame lies firmly with this government and they should roundly accept that.

    They should also take measures to fix tax thresholds on individuals and small businesses and become more transparent about what exactly they've done with the IMF loan, which is a ticking time bomb in many people's eyes.

    So far, their campaign has been lacklustre to say the very least and Sunday was a day when people voted with their pockets, not necessarily voting to go back to the past, but voting against a system that won't allow them to get to the end of the month.

    "As Argentines together we're unstoppable" doesn't cut it and never did. They need to change that tune, and quickly.

  • Shellshocked and again displaying one of his biggest flaws, he is not a good communicator. He should have been communicating more directly and honestly with the Argentine people from the get go.

  • Apparently the government is announcing a series of economic measures tomorrow, presumably as a sweetener for what happened on Sunday and what's to come in October.

    The tax threshold is being raised to $70,000 per month (ganancias), I believe, so Macri's penny has finally dropped and he should now know why he took such a pounding.

    When you hit people in their pockets they're not going to vote for you. Most people don't give a damn if he's spouting about Argentina being accepted in the world - G20 and everything else, if they can't pay the bills due to 55% inflation.

    That's the bottom line really.

  • The never ending high inflation is a strange one. I had hoped measures would have been taken to halt that by now. I suspect it'll never go away without pissing off a hell of a lot of people including business and the unions.

  • [quote='UK Man','']

    What's all this about fraudulent goings on by the K supporters I'm hearing?


    Yesterday there was a video going on whatsapp showing they paid you 500 pesos if you voted for Fernández.

    Personally, even if the video itself could have been staged, I have no problem in believing that. The poorer the people, the more the power of the money handed to them.

    What really I can’t believe nor explain is why the Ks are happy the pesos sunk. I guess they take it as a sign of the bad economy policy of Cambiemos, now revealed. While I simply see the old ravaging exchange rate pre-Macri resuming.

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  • I love the way the media are getting carried away with all this. It's not as if it's anything new for this country to be plunged into financial's normal!!

    I can't take any of it seriously.

  • What really I can’t believe nor explain is why the Ks are happy the pesos sunk. I guess they take it as a sign of the bad economy policy of Cambiemos, now revealed. While I simply see the old ravaging exchange rate pre-Macri resuming.

    The wildly dropping peso exchange rate immediately after the PASO results came in couldn’t reasonably be read as a reaction to the economic policy of the current administration. The timing of the collapse points to the complete lack of confidence the rest of the world has in Cristina & Cronies.