Two diplomats

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  • I might have been skeptical except that two diplomats personally dropped the USD $5.7 million at our door. Fortunately the US Customs Dept has investigated and determined the money to be a legitimate inheritance.

    We hereby bring to your notice that a consignment been delivered at your residence by two diplomats.

    They had been stopped by us. There is a security measure put in place by United States of America, check terrorism and money laundry through the sale of illegal drugs locally and internationally.

    After examination, we found out that the
    consignment contained the sum of US$5.7 Million, which upon further investigation revealed that the fund was your inheritance.

    Consequently, the diplomats will deliver your
    consignment at your residence after all protocols havebeen observed.

    However, in order to proceed we need you to
    reconfirm the following information..

    Full Name: ....
    Residential Address:....
    Date of Birth: ....
    Occupation: ....
    Telephone/Mobile Numbers: ....

    We await your response.


    I am so, so glad that my email server determined that this good inheritance news was legitimate, instead of sending it to my spam folder.