Buenos Aires to the Falklands direct?

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  • With Flybondo being awarded a license to operate domestically and internationally by the Argentine government, there's now the potential to fly direct to Port Stanley.

    Symbolically, this is not popular with the islanders, though.

    I, however, would love to do this flight as I have long wanted to visit the islands.


  • There used to be a weekly seasonal flight from Rio Gallegos to Mount Pleasant however that seems to have been dropped. Last time I looked at using BA Avios I could get seats from Punta Arenas to Mount Pleasant on LAN but it meant having to stay a week and I didn't have the time.

    Great if it comes to fruition but if I'm being honest I very much doubt if I would go. From the research I did a few years ago everything on the islands including getting there comes at premium cost and my desire to go isn't that great. I'd far rather use the time and money to go back to the UK.