City votes to outlaw street mafia - finally

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  • City outlaws 'trapitos' and window washers with misdemeanors law

    The City of Buenos Aires (CABA) has finally voted to ban 'trapitos', those mafia thugs who extort money from us, to 'watch' our cars when parking. Also banned are 'limpia vidrios', the other band of low life who stand at traffic lights with a bottle of water and insist on washing your windscreen.

    I know we all have to make a living and I wouldn't mind so much if these ass-holes weren't so aggressive, but they are. If you don't pay the trapitos, either your car won't be there when you return, or it will be vandalised.

    When I went to the motorcycle show, there were three or four winos extorting $50 per bike and there were hundreds of bikes. I paid the fucker because God knows what I would return to if I didn't, especially with a bike being such an exposed vehicle.

    When I headed for the bike salon, these nasty people sat under a tree and began drinking from wine cartons with a spaced out look of total inebriation and probably much more.

    In the picture below, you can see the trapitos at the left.

  • It is high time to wipe out these obnoxious people which do not like to work seriously.

    You can get a job here, even now. How does the Venezuelans to get jobs? They are all working and are never beggars.