Argentine actor accused of rape

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  • A few days ago, the Argentine actress Thelma Fardin came out and accused fellow actor Juan Darthés of raping her in a Nicaragua hotel bedroom,in 2009, when she was only sixteen years old and he was 45.

    Following this allegation, it's transpired that another woman, Calu Rivero had previously made sexual assault allegations against Darthés and this week, two other women, Ana Coacci and Natalia Juncos, have now made similar allegations against him.

    A social media group # Mirácómonosponemos has now been created by Argentine actresses, to highlight what they say is abuse in the acting industry.

    Note: miracomomepones (look how you make me) is what Darthés is alleged to have said to her in the hotel room, when referring to his arousal.

    Apparently, Fardin had gone to his room to swap hotel key cards. This part isn't fully explained as to why.

    In her video testimonial she says that someone knocked on the hotel room door, which allowed her to leave the room, but that someone hasn't been named and has yet to come forward.

    Darthés has denied any wrongdoing and insists that she came on to him, but he says he managed to get her out of the room and telling her that she was the age of his own children.

    He has apparently been summoned to answer the charges levelled against him at a court in Nicaragua, which he says he intends to do in order to clear his name. On the other hand, with three other women alleging similar sexual assaults against him, he's very likely to be guilty until proven innocent, especially in this day and age.

    When I first saw the video below, I thought it was an actress actually playing a part for a film or series. That was my initial reaction anyway, until I read the story.

    I have every sympathy for Miss Fardin, because, no matter how much time has passed, the deed has still been done and living with it is very hard. It's shame that often prevents people coming forward in the first place.

    And here's Mr Darthés' response, which is effectively she said, he said.

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  • I am engaged in a debate on this on the other forum. Not wanting to get bogged down again, but from what I hear I believe her and not him. However, that's based on nothing at all other than my human sympathy for an apparant vicitm. The trial by media has been utterly reprehensible, as was that video you posted of her in shadowy lighting, which is a manipulative propaganda piece as far as I can tell.

    If there is any way the law can solve this problem and he is found to have done it, there is no level of hell he does not deserve. That is not the issue for me though, it's the slow erosion of the innocent until proven guilty underpinning of the legal system.

  • I quite agree Semigoodlooking

    He's already been pilloried medieval style and even if he is proven innocent, he's had it. The press love this kind of thing in Argentina, particularly.

    Another good example is Chris Hardwick, a US TV host who was similarly accused by an ex girlfriend of his. She didn't name him, but it was clear who she referring to and he was axed by AMC's Talking Dead TV programme and his own website.

    Investigations found the allegations against him to be untrue, or at least unproven and he was reinstated.

    Whilst I have every sympathy for Thelma and others who alleged they were assaulted by Darthés, it's very hard to reach much of a conclusion when it's she said, he said.

  • I suspect this case is the one my wife was on about the other day while browsing her mobile....I rarely take much notice when it involves Argentine celebrities as I can't be bothered with any of them.

    If it was then she seemed to be taking the side of the accused rather than those 'jumping on the bandwagon'.

    I guess we'll have to wait and see....I wouldn't be surprised whatever the outcome.