Seeking Awesome English-Speaking Nanny

  • So! Our beloved Nanny of many years needs to return to the USA for family reasons. We are seeking a replacement - and you have a high bar to live up to!

    We’re a loving, traditional-ish, American-Argie young family, the cheesy sort who sit around and put on plays (just for ourselves) of our favorite books. Just tonight, for example - to give you a sense of our family’s style - we all did an impromptu re-enactment of Yertle The Turtle, our kids’ favorite Dr Seuss book, starring the kids (3 and 5): one as Yertle and the other as Mack.

    The requirements are mostly self-evident and straightforward (you need to love little kids etc) but, importantly, we are looking for an American or native English speaker. This is to help ensure our kids grow up speaking English at the native level.

    Job is half time or possibly more. And at the Belgrano/Nuñez border, just off Cabildo, and right by the Congreso de Tucuman subte. And hopefully long-term!

    Sound interesting? Say hi!

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