Mercadolibre is taking commission from me - twice!

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  • I've been buying and selling on Mercadolibre for about twelve years now and until recently, things have been going pretty smoothly.

    A couple of weeks ago an invoice appeared for commission I had already paid and that's where the fun and games began.

    Bear with me, because this could an El Queso style post.

    Two or three years ago, Mercadolibre announced, to much fanfare, that used products would no longer be subject to commission - that's right, it would be free.

    We all rejoiced, but a little too prematurely it seems. What they omitted to clarify was that if you exceeded 20 sales per annum, which most serious sellers do, a commission of 13% would be applied. We all had to live with that since the system is, for the most part, very efficient. The product categories and sellers' locations are narrowed down particularly well, for example.

    When you sell a product your account is credited the net amount IE the price minus the commission, which is understandable, otherwise they would end up with a negative cashflow, because people don't like paying their bills.

    I can live with that and necessarily have to load the price a little to compensate for the commission. This has worked well for me for many years, until recently, when, because I wouldn't pay the invoice (since the commission had already been paid), they dipped into my account and took part of what they believed I owed them. They did this again on two further occasions when a sale went through, which reduced my Mercadopago account to zero.

    It's important to point out here that Mercadolibre do NOT want you communicating with them directly and make it as difficult as possible to so. Their rather optimistically titled HELP tab simply offers you suggestions, assumes you're an idiot and always brings you back to square one. A Google search reveals a toll free phone number for Mercadolibre as per the image below, bearing in mind that is not related in any way to Mercadolibre.

    This phone number leads you nowhere because if you don't know the internal extension (how could you?), you have to press #3 which then directs you to the help page on their website and the line goes dead.

    On the Mercadolibre website, there is no address or telephone number or indeed any link which would enable you to contact them directly. However, by chance, I found this link which brings up three options. Send us an email, we'll call you right back or you can chat with us.(clearly you need to log in to your ML account for this to work)

    I opened these options over two weeks ago, didn't bother with email and went straight to 'please call me', which they did within 40 seconds and I was the talking to a call centre in Columbia or it could have been Venezuela. Having explained the problem to the operative, I was assured that they were aware of the problem and they would sort it out within 24 hours, which I didn't believe for a moment.

    As the days passed and my account was pillaged by them, with further pillaging to come if I sold anything more, nothing was done to correct the error, so I suspended all my pending sales until they were able to sort it out.

    For two weeks, nearly every day I had chat sessions or phone calls and was assured that the problem was being addressed. Which is wasn't, so they were either lying to me or simply hoping I'd go away.

    I don't go away that easily, especially when I know I'm being screwed around.

    I finally managed to talk to them again and put Adri on to them saying she was my accountant and they gave her the same old flannel, but this time with a claim ticket number, again saying that the matter would be dealt with 'as a priority.

    I didn't believe a word of it.

    I then decided to visit their new US$35 million offices on three floors in Vicente Lopez, visited by none other than President Macri in 2016. As expected, they do not receive visits from the general public such as me, even if I'm a customer, so I was referred to their head office at Alem 518 in Microcentro, which came as no surprise at all.

    Today I made the trek to these Microcentro offices (also on three floors), this time with Adri, my accountant and translator and discovered that they don't let people into their offices either, because, I was told, they don't have room.

    BUT, they do come down to see you.

    Within a few moments a representative came down, with no written notes and only a vague idea of what my problem was. We were given a re-run of the chats and phone calls, which I didn't find acceptable at all, especially when he said that the problem would be looked at as a priority.

    I then asked him why I should believe a single word he was saying and this seemed to shift him up a gear, finally prompting him to note my email address and phone number, with an assurance know the rest.

    To my surprise, I received an email from him half an hour later, saying that the problem may be solved by Friday, but of course, G20.

    Sometimes known as MercadoChorros, they have a reputation that stinks and frankly, if this is solved and they give me my money back by Friday, I would be very surprised indeed.

    It's worth mentioning that a friend of mine had $70,000 taken from his account by them a few years ago and he too had to visit their offices. He got his money back, but not without a fight.

  • Wow, that's a real struggle. I hate it when companies hide behind a wall of false politeness. They list so many social media sharing options, but if you want to get in touch with them... you hit a wall.

    I am trying to contact Aerolineas Argentina to change my DNI no. associated with my Aerolineas Plus frequent flyers program, but their chat button always returns 'There is no operator available at the moment', and the phone number listed for assistance is an endless wait with funky music.

    There is an online contact form but you must enter the ticket number or the booking number, and I do not have a booking with them at the moment. Entering random numbers doesn't do the trick - they want a valid number. What if I have general inquiry?! :cursing:

  • I once chatted with Netflix and the chat operator said 'According to our system, you are located in Argentina' (my account is US-based and paid for with a US credit card). I was just chatting because there were no subs available in a movie.

    Scary! =O

  • I finally got to the bottom of this and it's not good news for those of us who like to stay under the radar.

    It turns out that if you're not registered as self employed (monotribuito) and your monthly sales are over $5000 (pesos), you pay 21% VAT (IVA).

    This is in fact what these invoices represent, although VAT was not mentioned in them.

    Therefore I'm faced with little choice now, but to re-register with the inland revenue (AFIP), with the only benefit being that each item shouldn't exceed $15,0000 and the annual limit is $1,344,065.86, before I'd be charged VAT on my sales.

    $5000 is a very low limit and I can only imagine that it was introduced to fight the black market.

    Hobson's choice, so I hope this has been of some help.

  • This is what I sent to Mercadolibre this morning:

    Bueno, les voy a escribir en inglés, porque es imposible en castellano. Se puede usar Google Translate o mandar este email a Gabriel, quien habla inglés.

    Ever since this problem appeared on 13th November, I have not received correct information from Mercadolibre, both through chat or telephone calls.

    Not once was I informed that my tax situation needed to be corrected and in fact, many of your operatives informed me that Mercadolibre had made an error. I was told this on numerous occasions.

    Finally, I had to travel to your office at Alem (CABA) and conduct a discussion with Gabriel in the reception area of the building. This in itself, gives the impression that you consider your customers to be third class citizens, not worthy to enter your offices, which frankly, is insulting.

    Gabriel was very quick to resolve the issue, but informed me that I should keep my publications active, which I later did.

    Now I am being informed that I cannot publish anything until I submit tax information or pay the tax. Are you serious?

    You know as well as I do that you will receive the tax when I sell products, because you take it from me when the money is paid to my account.

    Therefore you should activate my publications immediately.

    I have just completed the process of registering with AFIP and it is now given as active (alta). I should have the necessary information today or tomorrow.

    In closing this email, I have to say that the customer service I have received from Mercadolibre (except from Gabriel, who has been both helpful and truthful) has been one of incorrect information all the way through, leaving me with the impression that Mercadolibre would rather their customers not bother them with tedious problems such as mine.

    The worst was not being told the truth right from the beginning and wasting so much time on meaningless chats and phone calls.

    Furthermore, Mercadolibre have a system which is designed to make direct contact as difficult as possible and the link which shows "Contact us, chat with us or email us" I had to find, purely by chance, on Taringa via Google, because it's impossible to find it on your website.

    I would humbly suggest that Mercadolibre improve its communications and try to project a more human face to its customers, because, as it is, the projection is unfriendly at best.


  • Update

    Due to the federal system of taxes in this country, I now pay sales taxes if I ship an item to other provinces such as La Rioja, Corrientes etc, for which I am then invoiced.

    So, not only are they grabbing 13% commission, I'm also paying sales taxes outside BA province (this probably includes the Capital) and they hang on to MY money for weeks on end, before releasing it.

    Mercadolibre has become nothing less than a shameless and faceless financial institution now. When I pay my Movistar phone bill, the transaction now goes through the Mercadopago system, whether it's paid by card or money that I have on account with them.

    Of course, their argument is that all this makes life easier for us. Ha fucking ha.

  • Informal platforms for the exchange of goods and services are more and more under scrutiny and users are assumed to be business users by default. This is a shift compared to the past where these platform were created originally for individuals selling their belongings.

    I feel your frustration and share your anger.

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  • When I pay my Movistar phone bill, the transaction now goes through the Mercadopago system, whether it's paid by card or money that I have on account with them.

    Of course, their argument is that all this makes life easier for us. Ha fucking ha.

    This is like the bank that posted on its door, for customers to see after they had made their way there through traffic: “For your convenience, we are closed today during our routine update.”