Bizarre new laws set to be enforced for motorcyclists in Argentina.

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  • Laws forcing motorcyclists to wear reflective vests with the vehicle registration showing in huge letters front and back as well as on the helmet, were introduced years ago by Scioli, when he was governor of Buenos Aires province. These laws simply do not work, but yet again, they appear to be making a comeback.

    Here's version 3.0, thanks to Google translate.

    The worst of all the news for motorcycling: the bill D-986 18/19 of the deputy Matias Ranzini block Cambiemos of the Province of Buenos Aires. He already has two commission offices and is ready to be treated in La Plata. Friday the 30th of November in the afternoon is the next session, the project signed by: Ranzini, Piparo and Dominguez Yelpo, is one step away from being law! If this happens, in 2019, all motorcycles that circulate in the Province of Buenos Aires, will have to have printed the numbers of patent in both helmets and all the companions to wear vest with number front and back, the one that does not comply is not going to be able to load fuel and you can hijack the motorcycle. Surely this Friday, 15 hours, we will go to protest and claim our rights to the Platense Legislature, in the city of La Plata, Av. 7, between Av. 51 and Av. 53 The project proposes that the helmet and the reflective vest with the engraved patent be obligatory for the driver and the companion in the zones that each municipality establishes. It does not matter if one or two people are in the vehicle.

    So IGNORANTS are the legislators, that in eleven years of insisting with this barbarity they did not understand that the helmets are ARRANGED painting things on top of them? What is lost the official manufacturer's warranty? That with the delirious prices, and the devaluation, a good helmet can cost more than 500 dollars, and above they pretend that we lose immediately the guarantee of such an expensive element of security? YOUR BODY IS NOT A PATENTABLE OBJECT. The patent goes on the MOTO, not on the helmet.

    The vests will have to have the patent stamped front and back. Each letter should be 10 centimeters high, 6 centimeters wide and 1.5 centimeters thick. The VESTS will have a reflective band of 5 centimeters or two of 3 in the event that something prevents seeing the vest. If you have a small torso, or you are skinny, you will have a phenomenon, you will have to use a XXL parachute to get the super poster with the dimensions proposed by these delusions! It will also be prohibited to sell naphtha to those who do not have these elements. Another great ideal! Give police power and force the beach player to the service station to monitor compliance with a law, continue adding responsibilities for the same salary! There will be areas forbidden to ride two by motorcycle. If you live in the prohibited zone, or are you traveling with a passenger and are you obliged to go through the prohibited area? FUCK! Better buy a helicopter !! ARE GENIOS! The vests were tried, AND FAILED in all parts of the world, including Argentina. So stubborn and obtuse are they? Or are you simply seeing the great deal of selling "approved vests"? It is evident that this is another door for the cronies, as they are the useless engraving of auto-parts, and so many other curros invented to give captive clients to the friends of the power ... The criminals kill with ILLEGAL WEAPONS, while the legitimate users must avoid a lot of costly procedures, the evil people have sophisticated illegal weapons (and suspiciously, very similar to the police and military). The criminals walk in MOTORCYCLES AND STOLEN CARS, while the legitimate owners are murdered daily, and we pay for vehicles, insurances, patents, and fuels that are also a robbery, since we pay them at the price of the first world, while earning very poor African-style salaries. ..

    Why do not they investigate where the weapon came from and the bullets used by the criminal? This is never investigated. Who provides ammunition and bullets, both prohibited and controlled elements, to criminals? They do not investigate it, because many times, it is the uniformed themselves who sell illegal arms by the left. And many times, shady politicians are involved in the thread ... even some, who tear their clothes asking for chalequitos, have always been suspicious of having intimate relations with violent Brave Bars ... It is easier to put a fluorescent vest, a bonnet, pretend that they do something when in fact they do not do anything. They do not want to diminish the crime, because they are accomplices of it. What they want is to make up the crime, to make a simulation of security for "the gilada", but without really committing against the mafias that are flooding the Buenos Aires cone-urban with illegal weapons. Stop wanting to put on vests. NEVER WE'RE GOING TO USE THEM. They do not solve anything, they do not work either here or anywhere in the world, and everyone knows their wicked little game. Simulate that they do something to actually do nothing and continue to let the criminals act with impunity. This law is not only absurd, it is illegitimate, unjust and immoral. The patent belongs to the vehicle, THE PERSON CAN NOT AND SHOULD NOT BE OBLIGED TO DRESS A PATENT ON THE BODY. Likewise, the law must be the same for all citizens. If the motorcyclist is forced to wear a vest because there are criminals who escape on a motorcycle, it must also be done with pedestrians, motorists, cyclists, etc. as there are also criminals who escape by car, on foot or by bicycle. We even have criminals who have escaped by helicopter in plain sight. Gentlemen legislators, that the law is the same for everyone as the National Constitution marks: Vests for all, with DNI, on public roads in any type of vehicle, or vests for anyone ... And remember, the first victim of motorcycles are honest motorcyclists, they steal and kill us to steal our vehicles and commit their misdeeds, and nobody says anything about that ...

    It's not a good translation, but you get the drift.

    Oh, and this is considered normal by many (photo below) and culturally acceptable in a country where you can spit and throw stones at the police, and get away with it.

  • It seems to me that the legislature is concerned with the wrong thing. Perhaps they should put their efforts into a law requiring motorbikes to behave as cars are required to, rather than completely ignoring red lights, squeezing between cars and endangering pedestrians and cars alike?

    I’m not suggesting that all riders are a menace, but enough of them consider themselves above normal traffic laws, caution and courtesy, that they make already-difficult traffic conditions exponentially more dangerous.

    Bicycle riders aren’t far behind; fortunately they aren’t able to build up the speed or momentum that motorbikes enjoy.