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  • Political Humour

    By Alejandro Borenzstein

    Translated by Google.

    Don Gato and his gang

    What was Macri doing dancing at a party, after announcing three days of national mourning for ARA San Juan?

    I hope President Macri managed the economy of the country with half the skill with which he dances. If such a waste of talent for joda could be put at the service of true change, perhaps we would not continue to be this country on the edge of the abyss left us by the Patagonian hoteliers.

    Facts: This week a video of the President appeared dancing at a party after recording the message in which he announced three days of national mourning for the finding of ARA San Juan.

    Is it wrong for a president to appear dancing at particular parties? If you are Obama ruling a country that works, no. But if you are Macri ruling a country in the middle of the quilombo in which we are, definitely yes.

    Does anyone imagine Emmanuel Macron dancing in a bowling alley with the crisis that is going through France? Or Theresa May, who does not know what to do with Brexit? Or Angela Merkel who has just announced her retirement from politics fed up with the Germans insisting on voting for Nazis? None is to dance anything and that any of them is much better than us.

    The true friends of the President should take care of himand not break his balls by inviting him to parties, birthdays, weddings, premieres, baptisms, bar mitzvah, communions, etc.

    The cat gang, if you really want it, should protect it. A friendly president is accompanied, his ear is lent, he is given an opinion only when he asks for it and he is never asked for favors of any kind. Not to mention doing business with state entities or submitting to a public tender or hanging from the presidential bag for any reason.

    Much less is invited to fuck or dance or anything that puts their re-election at risk and feeds the fear of the return of false progressives. Absolutely forbidden to make videos and upload them to networks. We must not upset the indecisive electorate that is already hot enough. That is, it is not worth dancing at least until the second semester arrives.

    If it had been Christine Lagarde's birthday, go and pass. As long as they do not take the bench between round and round of the fight, we all go and dance whatever you want. If necessary, we make him a Brazilian train. But going to dance to the fiestita of any gomía and on having circulated the videíto, is not worth.

    The question then is: why is this so obvious that the President still insists on doing it? Possible hypotheses:

    1. He is emboldened by the tandem Peña, Durán Barba, Rozitchner who say "dale macho, the focus group shows that people love to see you doing these things and also gives a sense of closeness and optimism."

    2. He does this despite the fact that Peña, Durán Barba and Rozitchner beg him on his knees not to do it and the guy does not care about three cucumbers.

    3. It takes so much distance to Cristina that it does not bother him to lose a few points by squandering his skills on the courts.

    4. He takes little distance to Cristina but he enjoys nervously getting into the red circle that never supported him as he expected but that if she wins, they emigrate en masse.

    5. It was a way to distract yourself from the River-Boca.

    6. He is bored.

    In any case, those who have risked their lives for years in order to get their kirchner shorts down in the middle of Avenida 9 de Julio are not for the goalkeeper of our team to want to play with his foot avoiding the striker in the small area . We do not win for such a scare.

    Is re-election at risk? Not now, but it would give the feeling that there is nothing left over.

    Rozitchner said he "discounted the triumph in 2019." Someone has to explain to this doll that he is not to discount anything. Only work from sunrise to sunset, absolute concentration and silence stampa. Scioli also discounted his triumph in 2015.

    When everything seemed to indicate that this episode would make him lose some of the votes of the undecided, crowded deputy Cuervo Larroque and on the subject of the dance said textually: "I find it difficult to find the difference between Macri and the devil". So quickly the Kirchnerism showed once again that it is a tribe of piantavotos, the government recovered the lost voters and Larroque collected the money that in these cases Durán Barba offers with its corresponding sugar cube. Obviously the president has the right to have fun for a while, but in reserve. You do not have to know anyone. Until the green shoots appear, everything must be dog-faced and with clenched teeth. And as much as possible, sometime, we do not ask you too much, even if it hits you from outside the area and tries to pocket one.

    You will tell me, dear reader, that Cristina also danced. It is true. So it was. In December 2013 he deployed that innate talent he has for dance in the Plaza de Mayo while in the province of Buenos Aires sacked supermarkets, in Santa Fe, Governor Bonfatti tried to negotiate with the police barracks and from Tucumán came the images of bloody neighbors for the police repression organized by Alperovich. Although there were 13 dead, the attitude of Cristina did not surprise anyone because of Ex She could never expect anything other than her usual liquefied denial, delay and story. And today, fortunately for Macri, Cristina is still the same Cristina as always.

    She gets up in the morning, turns on the Noblex 7 Mares and, while listening to La Voz de las Américas, she prepares an instant coffee Dolca Smoothie with a splash of milk La Martona, a yogurt from La Vascongada, sticks some Canale anointed biscuits with Cottage Mendinet cheese and a pindapoy juice. After a shower is stuck with the shock of Cadum, a two- hour speech is sent in front of the mirror to stay traineduntil Parrina's Torino's horn sounds. She shouts at him from the window "You finally arrived, asshole!", Leaves a signed one against the Vietnam War and they leave together and happy for the Instituto Patria humming songs by Joan Báez. The rest of the day is spent trying to communicate with Marshal Tito to set a joint position on the next meeting of the Non-Aligned countries. In Yugoslavia.

    However, this is not enough to give cattle anything. And the fact that all the Peronism begins to pile up like a bag of cats, does not enable the Cat to check the situation.

    The scythe of a couple of chairs in the Council of the Magistracy that has just made Peronism is excellent news for democracy. Now they will be able to demonstrate that they will never again protect judges like Oyarbide or Freiler, as they did for 12 years (or 25 years depending on how they compute it). And they will never press judges and prosecutors who want to investigate, as they did during the same 12 years (or 25). Go ahead? Is not it?

    Finally, as I am a proactive type, for this note I had thought of two endings. One in case Boca won and one in case River won.

    Frankly, Argentina surpasses us all.

  • This is funny and well done.

    Besides, I wish someone would tell Mr. Macri that he really isn’t the good dancer he fancies himself. It is slightly embarrassing to see him awkwardly “cutting loose” and pretending to have even a tad of natural rhythm.

    [For reference, see trump doing the phallic sword dance with his best buddies in Saudi Arabia, or Berlusconi physically recalling his wild prostitution parties -

    OK, OK, Macri is more graceful than those two. But only just.]