Positive banking experiences

  • Just trying to report also the good things: :thumbup:

    • received a wire transfer from an Argentinian bank account to another Argentinian bank account in just under two hours (I don't know if it was the same bank)
    • paying my expensas using funds abroad through Transferwise in just to days and for just 2 USD on average (it depends on the amount sent, this is the slow, low fee transfer option). Transferwise provides a better exchange rate than the average, too!
  • Well it has got better over the years since they introduced online banking. I remember the old days accompanying the wife into the banks and literally spending hours in them every other day waiting to be dealt with....even the tellers never mind the customers chain smoked in those days. ^^

    Should be said I take nothing to do with it as the wife does it all. I suspect things have improved as the number of rants from the wife has subsided over the years although she blew her top the other day when she saw some charges on her account.

  • The missus was paying some tax bill through the AFIP online site last month. First attempt at paying it didn't go through so she tried again and again and again.......until finally it was accepted on the seventh attempt.

    Got the bank card statement through and you've guessed it seven payments taken all for the same amount. The bank, probably quite rightly advised her to get in touch with AFIP which she did. They said they couldn't refund her and advised her just not to pay anything for months. I suspect it won't be as straightforward as that....:rolleyes:

  • We won a claim against AFIP about 9 years ago .

    They agreed they owed us money - We said when can we collect ? They said we dont know as no one has ever won this sort of case against us....

    Still waiting to collect .....