Great little fish restaurant in Palermo

  • Walking back from the neighborhood itinerant market last Saturday, we noticed a restaurant that looked nice, and stopped in to look. It turned out to be a small, limited menu place specializing in fresh fish. We had lunch there yesterday, and will definitely go back soon. It’s called Surubí for its delicious namesake fish.

    Soler 4611 (esq. Armenia)

    The owner, from Santa Fe, brought interesting architectural elements and plants from his home region, and has incorporated them into the distressed brick walls. There are two small dining rooms and a small balcony, plus a spacious rooftop terrazza.

    Intimate, atmospheric. Great food beautifully served. Friendly people.

  • Talking of fish, this has to be the best fish and chips I have ever enjoyed.

    A couple of years ago we stopped in Concarneau, France and found a lovely restaurant overlooking the harbour where I was amazed to find fish and chips on the menu. I always thought the French disparaged British cuisine, but in fact they took it to the usual superb levels of refinement. I would have expected nothing less, really and Concarneau isn't really known for British tourists.