winver 1809

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  • Got the itch last night to do a little tinkering on my PC.

    I signed into Windows Insider and downloaded the evaluation version of 1809

    and installed it in an SSD that was running a cloned copy of v1803.

    Their were no files lost and everything was where it was supposed to be.

    I know some have had issues with v1809 but it installed and ran well on this PC.

    The ISO is 4.6GB and it would not burn to a 4.7GB DVD so I just mounted the ISO on

    my desktop and ran setup from their, took about two hrs to install on this PC.

    The size of this feature update, I am sure will not be friendly to laptops and or slower

    PC's, especially with slow downloads.

    I will say, or at least what I have seen, looks good but not to the point where I just

    absolutely have to have it installed.

  • Downloaded the W10 Update Assistant and installed W10 v1809 build17763.134.

    Everything went OK. Just had to reinstall my Winaero Games.

    Snipping tool is different and I do like the black theme.

    Made a system image of v1803 before doing the update.

    I also removed the recovery partition that is always installed

    during the feature update. I also used disk cleanup to remove the

    windows.old folder, and then did a system image of v1809.

    Everything is working OK!!!

  • "Microsoft really need to field test these updates before releasing them into the wild."

    I would think a 1 year rollout of feature updates would give MS more time to work on

    and get the updates right.