Making a Murderer - Part 2

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    I've just finished Making a Murderer Part 2 and for those who are not aware of the subject of this documentary/reportage, I wrote an article about it a couple of years ago at DCT.

    Is Netflix’s “Making a Murderer” Balanced?

    This second part deals with the appeals process for both Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey, new lawyers are introduced and the ramifications of the AEDPA act (1996) in relation to state/federal appeals in the US.

    This second part is very up to date and brings us to May 2018 and I'll probably write a second article in the coming weeks.

  • Here's the other side of the coin, a documentary made by an entirely different team which suggests that the 2015 Netflix documentary was deceptive at best.

    This new one is showing the fist episode free on X/Twitter on Friday 8th September at 9PM ET (10PM in Argentina)

    Convicting a Murderer Premiere
    In this brand new DailyWire+ docuseries, Candace Owens explores one of the most debated criminal cases of our time. Tune in Friday, September 8th at 9PM ET for…

  • I remember watching the whole original series in 2 sittings which is unusual for me. It was pretty good viewing but I'm not surprised if there's some doubt being cast on its objectivity. I will certainly try and watch the DailyWire take on it if it's available to me.